For a long time, there has been an argument about which is better: A hotel or an Airbnb. Many still find it difficult to pick between the two, especially when planning a vacation or business trip.

In this article, I will be talking about the pros and cons of hotels and Airbnb. Also, the things you need to consider before picking one of them.

Airbnb is a network of privately owned lodgings maintained by Airbnb hosts. Their business model is based on fees collected from both the host and the guest throughout the booking process. A hotel, on the other hand, is like every regular business owned by someone.

For us to better understand what both can offer, we have to look at things like:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • The number of people traveling
  • Privacy
  • How long is the vacation going to last?
  • Safety
  • If they offer the basic amenities,
  • Dining services

Hotel vs. Airbnb: Which one should you choose?

The Quality

Before you pick between the two, you will have to look at the quality of service you will get.

Most hotels come with a clean space where you can stay with your family, although some lack in this department. If you’ve done your due diligence to research the best hotels near me before arriving at your destination, you can know the condition of a hotel before your arrival.

For Airbnb, you can’t be too sure of what you’re getting. Because you can’t tell how often they clean the space.

Aside from cleaning, you tend to get a more friendly environment in a hotel compared to an Airbnb. This is because a hotel is run as a business, and it is easy to hold someone accountable. On the other hand, customer service at Airbnb is extremely awful at times. Because your hosts are just regular individuals, nothing is stopping them from canceling your reservation at the last minute.

Lastly, an Airbnb allows you to stay with the locals, making it less lonely, especially for a solo traveler.


Airbnb is less expensive compared to hotels; this is because the owners charge less for travelers. You also get to have your kitchen, where you can cook meals for family or friends. This will help you reduce the cost of feeding. The cost of a hotel room is exorbitant. They are non-negotiable because their pricing is fixed.

In contrast, you can speak with the Airbnb hosts before booking an apartment on Airbnb. You can ask the hosts to drop the pricing a little bit, especially during the offseason and in areas where rentals have a lot of competition.

For hotels, there isn’t much flexibility with pricing, although you can use tools like Nicelocal to find good hotels that match your pocket.

The number of people going on vacation

When traveling in a large group, it is advisable to use Airbnb or other vacation apartments because they are far less expensive. You’ll be able to enjoy common areas such as living rooms, backyards, and pools and spend more time together.

You will have to pay more for a hotel room and also have to collect separate rooms to stay in. This is why I recommend you pick an Airbnb apartment.


If you are looking to have a quiet vacation with fewer people, especially as an introvert, I would say you should go for an Airbnb. This will give you the necessary space you need for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, hotels also give you privacy, but you get it more with an Airbnb. Also, if you are traveling with a larger group and each member wants their own privacy. Airbnb can serve that purpose as they come with a larger space and rooms.

Dining Service

The dining experience is one of the most significant contrasts between an Airbnb and a hotel. Kitchenettes or kitchens are available in Airbnbs, making it easier to prepare your meals. You can save a lot of money and make wonderful memories by preparing your food and sharing it with your loved ones instead of dining out. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy opulent dining experiences, staying at a hotel with a variety of in-house restaurants is a better choice.

How long is your vacation going to last?

The length of your stay has a significant impact on the expense of your holiday. It is more cost-effective to reserve a hotel room if you are only staying in a city for one night. If the hotel provides complimentary airport shuttles, you should take advantage of them.

Airbnb, on the other hand, has an advantage over hotels when it comes to longer vacations. You must pay the rental fees regardless of the length of your stay in an Airbnb.

So, staying in an Airbnb for a longer trip makes sense, especially if you can negotiate a fair deal with the owner and enjoy the perks of having a comfortable area to stay in.


The provision of security for hotel guests is required by law. As a result, staying at a hotel is safer than staying in an Airbnb, which provides little or no security.

Airbnb is expected to guarantee a particular level of cleanliness and safety for its guests. Some Airbnb, on the other hand, does not follow the same rules and safety regulations as hotels.


Many hotels provide the following services:

  • Free Breakfast

This can save a family a lot of money. It’s also convenient because you won’t have to cook or clean!

  • Room Service

After a long day of sightseeing, ordering room service might be very convenient. You can even dine in your pajamas.

  • Maid Service 

I adore returning to a clean hotel room after a day of sightseeing.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Pool

If you’re traveling with kids, taking them to the pool is a great way to keep them entertained at no extra cost.

  • Indoor Gym

This is ideal for people who want to maintain their fitness program while on vacation.

  • Complimentary WIFI

This is always a benefit.


Many Airbnb’s have complimentary WIFI, and some even have a pool. Guests can use hot tubs or other rooms provided by some hosts.

The amenities provided by Airbnb differ based on the area and the host’s inventiveness and attentiveness. For example, if you are vacationing near the beach, your host may provide you with a wagon and beach toys to enjoy throughout your stay. Some hosts send thoughtful messages, cookies, robes, and/or other small gifts.

Finally, I recommend that you conduct thorough research before embarking on a journey or organizing a holiday. Make phone calls and look up reviews on the hotel you’re planning to stay at online.

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