Everyone dreams of travelling the whole world, but they can’t do it because they are stuck in their work. Travelling and working both are inversely proportional to each other. What if I say you can do both at the same time. Have you ever thought about earning money while travelling? Many people in the world make money while travelling. To earn money while travelling, you need to focus on the budget also. Look for Nile air booking or any other cheap flights which can save your money to reach the destination place.

Let’s talk about the eight ways to earn money while travelling.

Perform on the streets of the city

If you have art like drumming, dancing, guitar, painting, sketching, football freestyle and many more then this will be a great way to earn money while travelling. Performing whatever skill you got will bring some serious cash in your pocket.

Before performing on the streets, take tips from the other performers about the audience in that particular city. Ensure that your performance is allowed in that region or not; otherwise, you will spend the whole night in jail. This is not the proper utilization of time while travelling.

Teach your language

If you are good at English or any other language, teaching that language will be the best way to earn money. There are so many countries where English is not their mother tongue and businesses there are in the local language only. Suppose you know the basic knowledge of English or any other language. In that case, you can teach that language in those countries at events, professional level, school, or give private tuition to everyone. Make sure that you have sufficient knowledge to teach without any trouble.

 Photo selling

If you have a camera and a great sense of photography, be a freelance photographer and sell your photo online through websites like 500px, Shutterstock and Etsy. But you need to sell a lot of photos to make a good amount of money. Still, it’s not a difficult way. On these websites, you should provide high-quality photos; otherwise, the website will not host them. It is the easiest way there. Anyone can click a picture and sell. It will get sold.

Teach your skills also

Is there any skill in you that you can teach someone? If you have, then you have no problem earning money. By teaching someone looking for your skills like guitar, drums, dancing, sketching, painting, football freestyle and many more, you will earn a great amount of money. You will also enjoy it while teaching because it’s your skill that you are teaching it to someone who is also fascinated by these things like you. It’s a great feeling. This is the greatest way to make money and also a way to connect with new people and make them your friend.


Let’s consider you have some skills like web design, web development, graphic design, editing, content writing and many more. These skills are in high demand. You can apply for jobs on platforms like Fivver and Upwork. There are so many kinds of jobs from all over the world. You can easily apply to it. At first, it’s tough to find a project when you have just started. If you got some projects and you did it well, that customer will give you positive feedback to your profile, and this will end up having more work for you.

Sell handmade things

If you have a creative mind and know how to make things like handicrafts, jewellery, drawing sketches, portraits, and paintings, you will earn a lot. 

Take these things with you on travel and sell your creative things. You can sell these things in the local market. To make more money, you should make a deal with a gift shop for big supplies. Tourists love to buy these creative and unique things. It’s not a difficult way to earn money. You will earn a good amount of money through this.

Become a volunteer

If you want to change this world for a better tomorrow, make sure that you must be a part of the large community. These communities need your skills for helping people all over the world.

Volunteering needs a lot of commitment, willpower and passion for work. You should believe in whatever it takes to have a better tomorrow.

Volunteering is not an easy thing to do. You should not hope for the best hospitality. This is not a normal thing that anyone owes. You are doing this by your own will, but this is a good thing for humanity because you are doing it to make things better and better.

 Start your blog

If you love to write and can nourish your experience through writing, then the travel blog is perfect for you. Many websites will pay you for your writing blogs. Nat geo world and lonely planet are the best websites for your work.

It’s really easy to start your blog. Just pick a niche and write on it. If you get a huge audience, you will make more money than you think. This will not happen quickly, it will take time, but it will all be worth it. To write a perfect travel blog, you need to travel a lot. Try not to be comfortable while travelling. Go for extra things because that is when you will get many ideas for writing the perfect blog. 

All these are the eight best and easiest ways to earn money while travelling. Earning money is not a difficult thing. You need to focus on the solution, not the problem. Now it’s clear to you that a big budget is not trouble for exploring the whole world. You have to express yourself in many ways to earn money while travelling. Also you can look for cheap flights while traveling to different places within the country for more savings.

So, think about your skills which you have, or start looking for freelancing jobs. You need to learn to enjoy yourself. So best of luck for your new work!

Keep earning, keep traveling!

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