How To Prepare For Travel When You Run A Small Business?

Are you managing a company? Do you feel you can’t take a vacation? Do you fear that if you do take a holiday, you’ll have to spend all of your free time on the phone or slumped over your laptop in your hotel room? What about while you’re out touring or at the beach? And your family is irate because you can’t leave work at home?

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7 Ways To Prepare For A Vacation As A Business Owner

The good news is that you don’t have to stay glued to your phone or computer the whole time. Everyone deserves a vacation, even small business owners, whether you’ve started a blog, SAAS product, anything. Here are seven ways you can prepare your business for your upcoming vacation.

#1: Plan Ahead

Preparing your clients and staff for your absence is essential to make your vacation truly enjoyable. Inform your one-on-one clients in advance of your vacation plans and that you won’t be able to complete their job during that time if they deal directly with you rather than one of your workers.

If you have customers that put off getting work done until the last minute, let them know you’re going away (or will be unreachable) starting a few days ahead you actually depart on vacation. That way, when you should be packing and getting ready to leave, you won’t have to deal with their last-minute requests.

#2: Put Your CEO Hat On

It goes without saying that you must understand how your firm functions, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a brand-new side hustler. However, getting ready for a trip is a great time to double-check everything to make sure nothing is forgotten and that everything is operating properly.

Although some people identify as “perfectionists,” they ultimately need to shed their employee or solopreneur attitude and replace it with a management or CEO one.

#3: Create Ground Rules for Your Vacation

Even the most comprehensive preparation will be useless if you let yourself become enmeshed in working on your small business each day. Establish a period of the day and a timeframe for checking in on the company to prevent that. Pick an hour in the morning and possibly additional 45 minutes in the evening after you return from dinner or other evening events when you’re likely to be just hanging out in the hotel room anyhow.

Also, be cautious when using hotel or public WiFi to prevent hacking. Utilizing a VPN is the best choice when not using a secure connection. You can choose from several VPNs by several well-known antivirus software providers.

#4: Stay in Touch with Everyone

This advice should go without saying, but it’s ideal for making sure your team understands who is responsible for what by when, how they should approach their task, and how frequently they should interact with one another.

If you have a large crew, you should ideally leave your #2 person in charge. Your COO, integrator, or project leader is the person in control of everything. They will typically be responsible for carrying out your vision. Therefore they should be capable of handling things when you’re away.

#5: Develop A Marketing Plan

For any business, strategizing in advance of this time of year is a smart idea. Therefore, be sure to include innovation in your holiday marketing campaigns. Try something novel to draw in all of the holiday customers or consumers who enjoy spending money at this time of year. Consider sending a handwritten holiday greeting and a sample of your goods to your current customer base. By doing this, you can both thank your consumers and keep your company in their minds.

#6: Website Readiness

The ideal time to make any required website changes is right now. As more and more clients do their business online, it is crucial that your website function properly and be able to accommodate both current customers and new ones. Take the time now to iron out any bugs or kinks affecting your website for a seamless user experience. Your website must be capable of handling all of the purchases that you’re going to get.

#7: Set Limits for Yourself

Last but not least, keep in mind why you are vacationing in the first place. All of this planning is meaningless if you still spend a lot of time slipping emails in, micromanaging, or intervening in minor emergencies.

I advise making a list of meaningful, peaceful tasks you’d be eager to tick off so you don’t feel uncomfortable “doing nothing” the entire time. Consider ways to enhance your connections, surroundings, and overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

The Bottom Line – With The Right Preparation, Even Business Owners Can Take Some Time Off

It is possible and strongly advised to take a break from your work, routines, and everyday activities. Even if you’re a small business owner, it may work wonderfully for you if you prepare ahead of time, adopt a CEO mentality, assess your procedures, put in place systems, communicate properly, and establish boundaries for yourself.

We hope we have helped you with preparations and we wish you a nice trip!

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