Influence of Sociological Factors on Student Learning Outcomes

Student life is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences that you will never forget. It represents one of the most critical developmental periods for late adolescents and young adults who are busy exploring life in various academic institutions.

This is when most of them find it challenging to deal with sociological factors surrounding them. Most of the sociological factors have been found to have great effects on them. Here are the different sociological factors and how they affect student learning outcomes.

Environmental factors

Social environmental factors include socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial conditions of the institution. That’s more of the neighborhood you live in, and the policies meant to control the school’s activities. They influence the ability of the student to cope with the stress brought by the challenging concepts.

As a student, if you are working in a very noisy place, you are less likely to pay attention to what’s being taught in the class. Seating arrangement also plays a vital role in academic performance. There are the ones who concentrate better when they are in the front seats of the class. All these factors directly or indirectly affect the student’s performance. 

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Whenever the social factors are favorable, the performance is usually at its best. Though, you can’t get all the social environmental factors working correctly. So, it’s upon you as a student to improvise a way you will use to ensure that your learning schedule isn’t affected. Instead of juggling with stress due to many assignments, you can seek help from different essay writing sites. Alternatively, you can use their well-written sociology essay examples on Samplius for inspiration. Ensure that you maximize the use of samples provided to enrich your education life.

Romantic relationships

The daily routine of school life brings new sleeping and eating habits and changes the perception of the students about love. With the vast workloads and the new responsibilities that they are expected to carry out, most develop stress. As the students seek comfort from their peers, they end up in romantic relationships.

In this case, they use social media to communicate, stick notes, or mail to communicate. This takes time! Though relationships are the perfect way to relieve stress as you have someone you can share your feelings with.

The ones who invest in romantic relationships tend to forget their studies and start failing. Still, others work hard to match their partners, which improves performance. If possible, they can use social media in education to learn new skills instead. 

Clubs and organizations

Clubs and other student organizations offer great opportunities for the students to interact with each other. With the clubs, making friends and learning from other students becomes easier. Increased school activities motivate them to keep working hard no matter the situation.

Here, you connect with students who share the same interests as you. You will get insights into the other students’ cultures, their views, and why they think in a particular way. 

Being in a club or organization at the school allows you to learn new skills as fast as possible. Not only will the experience of the club make your CV more exciting, but it will also psyche you to work hard towards your goals which will result in better academic performance.

Cult groups

Student life is full of overwhelming peer pressure. Most students rarely understand whether the decision they are making right will affect them in the future or not. They love the feeling of being “feared.” Every association has something that it promises to its members.

Sometimes, as a student, you may feel like yours isn’t enough and need something better than what you have. So, to achieve this, you may end up joining cult groups. Of course, no student in the college would like to suffer if there is a way they can escape. 

A common narrative that cult groups spread is that power gives them wings to fly where everyone else in the school. Students who join cult groups are affected by their daily school life, and academic performance declines. If they aren’t restored on time, they will fail.


There are numerous sociological factors that affect a student’s life. Most of them may directly or indirectly affect the students’ performance, leading to poor grades. These factors include social environment, cults, romantic relationships, and clubs and organizations. It’s upon you as a student to decide you will handle each of them if you want to excel in your academics. Otherwise, these factors will end up affecting you’re your student life negatively.

Author’s Bio

James Collins works for a digital media agency where he is responsible for content writing and social media marketing for some of the top MNCs. He’s also into academic writing and his profile boasts of doing hundreds of essays and thesis for college students. His free time is for volunteering in social drives, reviewing local food joints, and trying his hand at gardening.

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