Instagram-worthy destinations: 9 places to visit if you want A Lit Instagram

In today’s social media-driven world, it’s not just about going to a place with awesome weather conditions; does the place have the potential to make your photos look like you’re in paradise?

Are there spots where you can snap picture-perfect Instagram-worthy photos? If there aren’t, then that destination is probably not worth it.

This is the way many travelers choose destinations nowadays even though they may try to deny it.

In this article, we want to explore nine of the hottest and in-demand Instagram-worthy travel spots.

Don’t worry; any photos you snap at these spots will spice up your Instagram account, boosting any Instagram followers buy route you’ve previously taken to grow the Instagram account.

1. Tulum, Mexico

Whether you’re going to Chichen Itza from Cancun (one of the 7 world wonders!), or if you’re doing your vacation for the ‘gram, you can’t go wrong with Tulum. Talk about eco-friendly views, breathtaking stretch of sand, jungle-surrounded swimming pools, beautiful white-sand beaches, clear blue water, ancient ruins, and lots of tequila shots.

Get to snap against the backdrop of the ancient Mayan ruins. Let your glasses do the talking in one of Tulum’s enchanting cocktail bars. Embrace the sun-kissed resort of Tulum, and watch your skin get more bronze than white.

In short, the views and life in Tulum will not only blow your mind away, but it will compel many of your Instagram followers to shower your posts with loads of likes and comments.

In the end, visiting Tulum is a win-win for you and your Instagram.

Most Instagrammable spot: Azulik – an eco-friendly resort with fascinating views and a restaurant with tables in the clouds.

2. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When you think about Amsterdam, what is the first thing that comes to mind? One of the most visited countries in the world, sure. But, also a city littered with cute canals, criss-crossed with bridges, and lined with quaint row houses.

Guess what?

These views are exactly what makes Amsterdam such an amazing spot for Instagram-worthy photos.

Sit by the beautiful canals and click some breathtaking shots. Have a passer-by snap you while you glide down the bridge. Take a candid shot of yourself gazing intently at the surrounding views. Rent a bike and cruise your way through the beautiful walls of Amsterdam. Or rent a houseboat to zip through the canals and under the bridges of Amsterdam.

The rareness of the photos and videos you can create at Amsterdam’s canals and bridges is what will get people back home talking.

Trust me; it’s not every day you find someone gliding through the attractively old-and-modern-fashioned houses in Amsterdam.

 Most Instagrammable spot: Literally anywhere on a canal. Try the Brouwersgracht canal.

3. The Islands of Greece

You remember those romantic sights of Santorini Island you see in movies?

Well, guess where it is? Santorini is just one of the many jaw-dropping Greek islands.

Renowned for their perfect mix of towering cliffs, inky waters, rugged mountains, pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, green valleys, quiet lakes, lush forests, eye-catching animal life, and whitewashed villages, Greek islands are simply a joy to behold.

Interestingly, most people who visit these islands go on yacht and boat cruises?

When you combine the allures of the Greek islands with the concept of a yacht or boat cruise, I doubt whether there is anything more exotic and Instagram-worthy than that.

Most Instagrammable spot: The white cliffs and cute villages of Milos

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Meals and cuisines are also amongst the most sought-after content on Instagram. Want to make your Instagram account lit? Try to visit a destination that lets you try various cuisines and meals. You’ll be surprised at the amount of positive feedback and love you’ll receive from friends on the ‘gram.

Since we’re talking about foods, what better destination is there than the “foodie destination of the world”?

What makes Mexico City such a great dining destination is not just the food, but the way in which the food is served, the atmosphere surrounding the diners, and above all, the kind of environment eaters are immersed in. Check out my guide to 3 days in Mexico city here.

Options overwhelm: high and low; plates balanced on knees while you sit on plastic chairs on the sidewalk or avant-garde tasting menus served in gleaming towers; markets, pastry shops, cantinas, and cocktail bars; late night, early morning; ingredients and dishes from every part of Mexico and from the wide world beyond.

To put it simply, you’ll have one heck of a food-based picture collection if you head to Mexico City.

Most Instagrammable spot: The side streets of the Coyoacan area.

5. The Maldives

I visited my 100th country here! It’s true travel bucket list stuff. Someone once said “you can never take a bad photo in the Maldives” and I can’t help but agree. In all honesty, Maldives should be the dream destination of anyone looking for a lit Instagram. Not only because of the best beaches in the Maldives.

Can you picture the image of the sky meeting the waters of an island? That right there, my friend, is what Maldives Island looks like.

Think exotic laid-back experience, pristinely white beaches, and attractively clear blue waters. As one popular news magazine once called it, “The Maldives beaches are arguably the clearest water you will ever see”.

At its core, Maldives looks like a destination designed purposely for photographic purposes – hence the nickname “the Tropical Paradise”.

Even if you’re such a bad photographer, the crystalline waters, swaying palm trees, sparkling white sand, and limitless blue skies of Maldives will make all your photos come out like you you’re in paradise.

Little wonder why the people who have their getaway here claim they experience a surge in their Instagram popularity afterward.

Tell me again who wouldn’t fall in love with sights like this:

Most Instagrammable spot: Visit a fancy hotel, like the Anantara

6. Algarve, Portugal

The first things you’ll love about Algarve are the amazing white beaches, cliffs, villages, and caves.

Many of the spots in this destination are even regarded as romantic sites for lovers and couples. So, if you’re looking for a getaway with your other half, the dazzling beaches of Algarve represent a good option.

Besides the romance and excitement, Algarve also gives you a chance to click on so many Instagram-worthy shots.

From the cute little villages dotted along the coast to the amazing beaches stretched down the lagoons, there are so many opportunities for stunning shots in Algarve. Oh, and let’s not forget the rocky cliffs and amazing rock formations, stunning cliffsides, sapphire-blue sea, eye-catching birdlife, and the historically important landmarks of Algarve (the arches, Sé Church, etc.)

Trust me; when you go to Algarve, you’ll have plenty to capture on your phone, so much so that your Instagram will crash for likes, comments, and follows.

Most Instagrammable spot: Benagil Caves.

7. Cappadocia, Turkey

Ah home to the Cappadocia and hot air balloon in Turkey! One form of content that is known to perform so well on Instagram is anything that looks too good to be true. When you make these kinds of posts, even people that aren’t your friends will repost.

A very good place to make this kind of content is the rocky arm of Turkey.

Cappadocia is full of so many amazing and too-good-to-be-true rock formations formed by erosion. Cappadocia is a beautiful region in central Turkey famous for its fairytale scenery, cave dwellings, remarkable rock formations, and, of course, the hundreds of hot air balloons that soar in the sky during sunrise each morning.

All of this helps create the perfect view and backdrop for your Instagram photos.

Most Instagrammable spot: Watch the balloons land in the Love Valley.

8. Bali, Indonesia

Have you noticed that no discussion of the world’s most beautiful destinations is ever complete without a mention of a Bali itinerary?

The reason is that Bali is arguably one of the most beautiful Islands out there. (But what, is Bali a country?!)

Bali is without a doubt a magical place to be. A true paradise – in every sense of the word – filled with rice-terraces cascading down verdant volcanic slopes, stunning sunsets dripping over inspirational beach sands, and a unique and relatable culture. Even waterbom bali is fun!

If you’re looking for a destination that allows you to snap a boatload of Instagram-worthy photos, Bali is what you’re looking for.

Unlike many of the destinations we’ve discussed so far, Bali is rich in diversity – i.e. there are so many views and photographic sceneries to explore.

Are you looking for jungle-filled photo shots? Or a pristinely clear Beach backdrop, striking soft golden sands, coral reefs, volcanic mountains, arts and culture, and exciting wildlife?

Whatever it is you’re looking for, Bali has them aplenty. Oh and don’t miss Lombok, or the chance to climb Mount Rinjani, next door either!

Most Instagrammable spot: The trail down to Kelingking Beach.

9. Bora Bora

Who doesn’t wish to go to Bora Bora one day? No one! No need to I worry about how to find the best Hashtags for Likes for Instagram for this destination. It sells itself!

Unfortunately, many of us are yet to explore the beautiful Islands of Bora Bora. If I’m to guess, I’d say that includes your Instagram friends. I was lucky enough to organise getting engaged in Bora Bora, and it was unreal!

So, why not get them feeling jealous and dreamy again with posts from the most celebrated island in the South Pacific?

As one source rightly pointed out, “Bora Bora is the French Polynesia’s leading lady, with an unrivaled beauty and an unwavering fame”.

A visit to this Island is certainly going to ignite a spark in your Instagram account.

To think that Bora Bora has got a combination of iconic overwater villas, palm trees, white beaches, and lush greeneries, there’s really no overstating the exquisiteness of any photo snapped here.


And so we’ve come to the end of the post. We hope you enjoyed that. Read again any destination that interests you the most, and start preparing to hit there soon.

Trust me, any of these nine destinations will bring life to your Instagram account.

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