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As we are approaching the end of the year and whether you go to one of the big events that are happening for the occasion or you decide to plan your own party, is completely up to you. However, one thing remains the same: Alcohol is a welcomed guest at all the parties on the last night of the year. The only problem after one too many drinks one evening is the morning after.  A hangover is not the most pleasant thing in the world and we all have our own remedies:

If you wake up in one of the apartments in Berlin after celebrating NYE in the German capital you might get offered a “rollmops” as a cure for your hangover. It consists of a pickle or onion wrapped in pickled herring.  In Bavaria the typical hangover cure is a “Weisswurscht Frühstück”, which consists of the Bavarian white sausage, a pretzel and a beer.


The Italians claim they never suffer hangovers, but even the most hard-drinking Italian will experience postumi della sbornia and s/he swears on drinking lots of espresso to get rid of hangover symptoms.


In Japan the remedy for a bad hangover is to eat dried sour plums. A rather healthy choice it seems. In China they step it up a notch in when it comes to overcoming a hangover in a healthy way and they trust strong green tea or simply water with lemon to help in the case of a bad hangover.

In Russia the “anti-hangover slogan” could be something around the lines “Sweat it out.” When the Russians have had too much Vodka the night before, they go to the sauna to sweat out the remaining alcohol in their bodies. Also popular in Russia (and Poland) to fight a hangover is drinking the juice of pickles or sauerkraut.

The neighbors in Mongolia however have a rather unusual hangover cure. Traditionally, anyone can overcome a hangover by having a portion of pickled sheep eyeball in tomato juice. It might be there version of a Bloody Mary, who knows?!

I hope you read carefully, as this is crucial information. My plan this year is to spend NYE in one of the Berlin apartments, as two of my best friends live there. For me a great hangover cure after a long night is eggs for breakfast. What works best for you?


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6 thoughts on “An International Lesson in Hangover Cures

  1. I’m not a Vietnamese but, the best one is Pho noodle soup with lots of hot sauce on it.
    Come to Hawaii to try Waikiki beach way!

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