Is It Safe to Use Wi-Fi at Your Hotel? 

Everyone wants to travel safely. But while many people are smart about pickpockets and travel scams, they forget about cybersecurity. Most of the time, people are not aware of the security risks of using public Wi-Fi. 

Any public Wi-Fi, including the one in hotels, is vulnerable to hackers. To safely use hotel Wi-Fi, we recommend using a Virtual Private Network. A VPN meaning is quite simple to understand. It encrypts your data traffic and masks your IP address, so hackers won’t be able to see your data. It makes travel safer. 

It’s easy to leave yourself vulnerable to cyber attacks. The good news is it’s also easy to keep yourself protected. With a bit of knowledge and the right tools, hotel Wi-Fi can be perfectly safe. 

Is It Safe to Use Wi-Fi at Your Hotel? 
Is It Safe to Use Wi-Fi at Your Hotel? 

Is Hotel Wi-Fi Secure? 

In short, no, hotel networks are not secure. Hotels generally prioritize accessibility over security. Most of them are completely open or require minimal information to access. This required login info does nothing to protect you; it allows the hotel to control who accesses their network. Hotel networks are just not built for security. 

Hackers Can Snoop On Hotel Wi-Fi 

One of the worst things that can happen while traveling is identity theft. Travelers keep all kinds of personal information on their devices. 

When hackers access laptops, phones, and tablets through insecure public Wi-Fi, they can see everything on your device. This can include: 

● All login usernames and passwords 

● Bank information 

● Sensitive documents stored in the cloud 

● Personal photos 

You can probably imagine the damage a hacker can do with this information. Even if they don’t fully access all of your computer’s data, it’s still pretty easy to see information sent over unencrypted websites.

Why Public Wi-Fi Isn’t Safe 

In addition to hotel Wi-Fi, most travelers use a lot of public Wi-Fi. All public Wi-Fi poses a security risk. In addition to identity theft, here are some other things that can happen when you aren’t careful about cyber security. 

Businesses Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks 

Business travelers frequently need Wi-Fi to answer emails and perform business-related tasks. Your company may take protective measures such as encrypting their website, but there are still other risks. These days many digital nomads run businesses from the road. These business owners are even more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

In addition to threats from hackers, sometimes you end up sharing your personal information. A lot of public Wi-Fi services track the data of their users. Many free-to-use services harvest user data as a product. They then sell this data to advertisers. 

If you’re any kind of business traveler, you need to take extra precautions when using hotel Wi-Fi. 

You Can Be Sent Malware 

Hackers can use hotel Wi-Fi to implement malware on your laptop or device. Malware can range from scary viruses to annoying adware. Even if it’s not super intrusive, it makes your tech work slower. 

Do you download shows for those long plane rides? You probably use file-sharing software to do that. If you’re sharing files, you really should invest in some protection. 

File sharing software is especially susceptible to malware attacks. A hacker can use that to send you a file full of malware. When you do not protect your laptops and phones on hotel Wi-Fi, they are susceptible to malware. 

How a VPN Keeps You Protected 

A VPN, meaning Virtual Private Network, is one of the best ways for travelers to keep their data safe. It’s an easy tool that keeps your information secure, even on open networks. 

So how does a VPN work? It encrypts your data. It acts as a sort of protective tunnel between you and the server. A hacker trying to snoop will not be able to see anything passing through the tunnel. When you use a VPN, hackers cannot access your information or know what you are doing online. 

Another cool thing they do is mask your IP address with the IP address of the VPN. This way, your IP address does not show your physical location, only the location of the VPN. This is

especially useful when traveling to countries with restricted internet access. It’s also great for accessing Netflix from your home country. While these are not security essentials, some familiar comforts are nice when traveling. 

Safe Travels! 

Travel is all about adventure. You don’t want your experience getting cut short by a hacker stealing your identity. This can happen if you use hotel Wi-Fi with no protection. Fortunately, it’s easy to stay safe. 

Hotel Wi-Fi may not be secure on its own, but there are some easy measures you can take to protect yourself. We recommend all travelers use a VPN. A VPN keeps you safe, is easy to use, and has a lot of neat perks for travelers.

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