Laws about cannabis seeds and marijuana in Europe

In Europe, the current political situation concerning cannabis is very varied, with significant differences between the different countries of the union.

In many cases, the opinion and actions of local governments concerning their central counterparts conflict.

However, you should know that it is legal to buy fast-flowering seeds online, and the best way is to select recognized and well-known marijuana seed suppliers in Europe.

Thus, downright problematic situations are created, such as the Barcelona metropolis in our country, where more than 250 CSCs currently operate in a legal “grey area”. 

The other big news of this century regarding laws and cannabis is the decriminalization of CBD throughout the EU territory, as well as the production of industrial hemp (with less than 0.2% THC) and the so-called “cannabis light” “in Italy (up to 0.2% THC) and Switzerland (up to 1% THC) and its promising market.

It should also be known that although cultivation may be penalized.

Buying cannabis seeds (although, in some countries, only online) is legal in the vast majority of the countries of the union since the plant seeds are not considered a narcotic substance because they do not contain THC. This is so as long as those seeds are purchased for decorative or technical use and never germinate.

Cannabis seeds and marijuana in the United Kingdom

In the UK, marijuana is considered a Class B drug, so legal penalties for possession or use can carry indefinite fines or imprisonment of up to 5 years. Although the authorities are much more tolerant in practice, a small amount can be considered self-consumption.

A warning is usually placed on the first seizure and a fine of 90 pounds on the second. And on the third arrest with cannabis on top, the total weight of the law may be applied to you. These warnings and sanctions are not recorded as a criminal records.

In cases of sale and supply, the penalties are toughened up to 14 years in prison and very high fines. But, again, these punishments are only applied if large amounts of the plant are found. The usual thing is a fine or a minor prison sentence commutable for community service, but it will also depend on the person’s history.

In practice, the authorities are much more tolerant. A small amount can be considered self–consumption. A warning is usually placed on the first seizure; on the second, a fine of 90 pounds; and on the third arrest with cannabis on top, the total weight of the law may be applied to you.

In 2003, the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes was decriminalized. However, until today, the only license holder for it is the company GW Pharmaceuticals, which only manufactures Sativex, whose price is prohibitive (500 pounds per month) for most.

Medical cannabis cultivation in Italy

At the end of last year, the Italian cannabis community celebrated the great news of the decriminalization of cannabis cultivation in the country. The Italian Supreme Court has decided that the cultivation of cannabis at home and for personal consumption will no longer be a crime.

The TS emphasizes the concept of “homemade”, which it understands as cultivation using “rudimentary techniques”, which are not specified but will depend on the judge’s criteria. However, even if it comes from self-cultivation, the sale and supply of cannabis to third parties continue to be crimes with severe penalties.

According to the 1990 legislation, it is legal to use cannabis in Italy, but possessing and selling it is punishable by up to 6 years. However, this can be reduced to 4 years or 6 months if the crime is considered minor, for which certain circumstances will be taken into accounts, such as the mode of sale, the motives, the conduct of the accused and their character.

Cannabis is considered an “oft drug” “so the penalties for crimes related to this substance are less than those considered “hard drugs”, such as cocaine or heroin, for example.

When medical cannabis was legalized in Italy in 2013, patients could only use a medicine called Bedrocan, which was imported from the Netherlands.

This restrictive law made the supply and price prohibitive scarce.

Currently, access to medical cannabis still requires a prescription and ministerial approval. Supply is much tighter than demand, and prices remain incredibly high, so medical cannabis users must continue to turn to the black market to obtain treatment.

The CBD boom in Italy has been one of the news that has shaken the world cannabis scene. On January 14, 2017, Law 242 came into force, which gave the green light to the production and marketing of cannabis-based products, as well as the flowers of this plant that contain between 0.2% and 0.6 % THC (known as “cannabis light”.

This good news has led to the appearance of legal crops throughout the country, with current estimates of up to 4,000 ha of cannabis crops with low THC content destined for the recreational marijuana market.

Today, we can find products with CBD in more than 500 establishments, and this expanding sector generates 40 million euros annually. However, the legal framework in which “cannabis light” “currently finds itself in Italy remains imprecise and confusing, placing these businesses in a position of illegality.

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