As summer is all set to begin you must be wandering in the streets of Spain so that you can get the best outfits for yourself. This seems to be very common for all of us. We always look for the latest styles that can give us a new look especially when we are traveling. But according to me, we always get incredible pieces from the stores but what about the colors? Do you know that they also play a very important role in summer casual outfits? That is why you can choose the various shades from Privé by Zalando.

When it comes to choosing the shades of clothes you must pick those hues that protect you from the heat waves of the sun. When you pick the right shades for yourself they will not only protect you from overheating. They will exude the lighthearted vibe of the summer/spring season. As you all know there are various colors that you can pick but still if you have any confusion related to it then here is the guide for your help to choose summer casual outfits.

Get ready to rebuild your closet with some exciting shades of clothes. From quiet styles of ocean and sky to more fearless hues of turquoise and coral, you’ll discover different things to invite summer to your bag. Arm yourself because now you will explore the vibrant colors of clothes for your holiday. 

Since Spain is filled with the vibes of spring season let me share excellent dresses for you all that you can wear. Not only this you can order them from the store and bring them back along with you to flaunt fashion in your country with summer casual outfits. 

Summer Casual Outfits for Warm Hit

Sky Blue Color Dresses and Tops

Nothing goes better than this shade in the summer or spring season. Choosing sky-blue can give cool vibes for sunny days and channel you with a breezy feel while wandering around. You can pick various outfits like linen pants, cotton dresses, tops, etc. Sky blue color will help you to keep cool and crisp. Not only this, wearing blue shades can give a cheerful feel with a bright appearance for the summer. 

Mint Green Outfit

This is another stimulating and rejuvenating shade, which can give you a feeling of a chilly glass of iced tea on a sunny day in Spain. There are many options in this shade as well, you pick a sundress, lightweight blouse, shorts, etc. This shade is one of the most incredible colors that can give you a stylish look. To spice up the look you can add gold jewelry or choose to pair it with lavender and peach to give a springtime feel.

Pale Gray Attire

An underrated shade but it gives one of the most incredible looks. This is another shade that can give you an ideal look for the summer. I suggest you go with the lightweight gray pencil skirt or slacks as they give a subtle sophisticated appearance for sunny days. 

When it comes pairing up with this color it becomes a bit challenging. But you can always go for soft pastel shades such as seafoam green or rose for an Easter-inspired palette as they give a perfect and stylish look for the day. Picking them can be the best choice for roaming around.

Soft Lavender Ensemble

Many like to wear lavender shade and it is one of the most iconic colors that is going on right now. You can purchase so many different patterns of this color from Privé by Zalando. It is a soothing hue with a gentle look and delivers a perfect touch of having a chic appearance. Lavender shades help keep you relaxed on sunny days. You can select a wrap top or a maxi dress and that too in breathable fabrics such as cotton or rayon as they deliver a cooling and calming effect. 

Ready to spice up the look, add on accessories with peach, lemon yellow, or silver shades to a dreamy sunny day in the streets of Spain. Soft lavender is a color that will help you hit the heat of the summer and give a romantic style in a relaxed manner. This is the best summer season clothes color. 

White Shade Attire

Can’t escape from white as it is known for the color of summer. Nothing gives a more coy vibe when you wear white color. A perfect and stylish way to remain cool and crisp with comfortable fabrics. Wearing a completely white outfit can give a classic feel for the sunny days. Why do we say that white is the best shade as it reflects heat and light and delivers a cool feeling on the hotter days. So, it is always considered excellent if you have white outfits in your armor. This is one of the best summer colors for clothes. 

Pastel Pink Outfit

A dreamy, idealistic shade that prompts ideas of cotton candy and flamingo feathers. In the hotter days, wearing pastel pink can give you a comfy feeling with a stylish appearance. Being a girl, we all pick at least 2-3 pieces of pink for sure. This is one of the best summer outfits that you can choose. 

Coral Dresses

Are you feeling bored and dreary? Then it’s time to add a pop color to brighten up your life. This vibrant orangey-pink shade evokes warmth and cheer in your summer wear as well as at home. Coral works beautifully in summer wear, accessories, and handbags. Pair it with navy blue, forest green, or yellow for a complementary color scheme. Coral also looks lovely with metallics like gold or rose gold for a glamorous touch. Whether used as an accent or as the main color in your dressing, coral is a perfect choice for summer days.

Peach Color Outfit

Another shade that reflects warmth. It is a rich shade that will immediately lift your mindset and help you fight against the heat waves of the sun. The succulent, orangey gives the remainder of the sunset. It is considered best to add peach color to the wardrobe as it delivers a great appearance to your look.

Turquoise Attire

This deep blue-green shade can be compared to the tropical waters and this shade creates a cooling trend. This is a beautiful color and the best part is that it is suitable for all skin types. To obtain the greatest charm of this shade, you can further add turquoise rugs, throw pillows, blankets, or towels as it can add charm to your home. You can surely go with this shade if you are going to beaches. This shade can be a perfect look for the day.

Beige Look

Beige is a natural, light color on sunny days, that stimulates less-intensive ease. Honestly beige is one of the best shades that is going on trend nowadays. Adding beige accessories is another great option that you can pick. These are again the most preferred summer colors of clothes. 


There you have it, all the best summer casual outfits to keep calm in trend for the summer vacation in Spain. No matter what you are looking for you can get these shades and make your hitter days brighter and better. 

You can choose from vivid brights to soft pastels so that you can have a flattering look in the summer. So go ahead – enhance your style by bringing these vibrant colors for your holiday and get a new and unique style for the summer days and evenings from Privé by Zalando

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