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Seeing the Country in an RV

There is a lot of talk about making sure to do impulsive and potentially dumb things while you are in your twenties. The idea is that, once you hit 30 you suddenly have to be this responsible (Read: Boring) grown up who rarely has fun…or who gets brainwashed into thinking boing things are fun.

The real reason that you should do all of the fun and impulsive things you can while you’re in your 20s is actually much more practical than that: with the extended lifespans we enjoy these days, you’ll have decades to recover from the impulsive things you do when you’re still very young, whereas waiting until you are older carries more risk because you have less recovery time.

Even so, one thing we’ve found is that, regardless of age, everybody has at least one “bucket list” item in common: to ditch their possessions and travel the country in an RV.

It’s true! There’s something about the idea of carrying your home with you so that you can set up camp wherever you happen to land that is incredibly freeing. And, if you go about it the right way, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to accomplish this goal. A lot of businesses have remote openings these days so nothing prevents you from doing all your work from within the comforts of your RV either! What you need are just a decent mobile connection and a reliable power source. You can use a generator for RV to power all your important stuff like laptop, AC, lights, and plenty of other things. Thanks to those generators you can enjoy the basic comforts of your home whenever you need, even when boondocking far away from the nearest city. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Save Save Save

Start saving now. RVs, for as awesome as they have become, are not cheap. If you want a good one, you need to be prepared to hand over some cash. RV financing is available and can make things a lot easier, but remember you still have to pay off that loan. Make sure you have at least enough money on hand to make those payments for the duration of your trip.

There are lots of great ways to save money by reducing budget items, paying off debt, etc. A lot of people get caught up in complex savings schemes and forget about the little things they can do every day. Don’t be one of these people! Toss the change in your pockets and wallet into a bucket as soon as you come home. Transfer any “change” on your checking account into a savings account every day as well, so that you’re starting each day with an even dollar balance. These things seem tiny and inconsequential, but when added to your larger savings plan can really beef up your travel balance.

Sell Sell Sell

When you’re downsizing your life to fit into an RV, it can be tempting to say “to heck with all this stuff” and just leave it all in a pile at your local Goodwill Donation Center’s front doors. Don’t! Sell everything you can. Have a yard sale. Sell online. Sell to consignment shops. All of those things you’re getting rid of are sources of income that you can use to keep you afloat while you are on the road!

Should You Sell Your House?

This is tricky. On the one hand, selling your house could give you enough money to travel on for a long time. On the other, you might not want to have to worry about searching for permanent housing when you’re ready to get off the road. Some people rent their houses out while they are traveling. The best way to figure out whether or not you should sell your house is to ask yourself this: do you want to live where you started or live somewhere else that you haven’t found yet? If you definitely want to come home, renting is the better option. If part of your travel involves searching for a new “forever” home, you might be better off selling.

Live Frugally

One of the best things about RVing around the country is that you literally take your home with you. This means that you can buy food from grocery stores instead of restaurants and sleep in your own bed instead of forking money over for a hotel. At the same time, RV parking can get expensive and groceries can go bad faster than you think. Spend some time researching affordable camping options, how to store food, etc before you go so that you don’t spend any more than you absolutely have to.

Keep Working

There are a lot of jobs that don’t require your presence in an office every day. A lot of RV travelers supplement their travel savings by freelancing while they are on the road. The internet is everywhere now, after all. You should be able to find at least some supplemental income opportunities that won’t require your attention full time.

Don’t ever forget: this particular bucket list item is achievable. It just takes some planning. Use these tips to help you fund your dream!


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