Sharing prostitutes in Bangladesh (errm, no thanks!)

Sharing prostitutes in Bangladesh certainly wasn’t on my bucket list. I should quickly add that this is my second post related to both Bangladesh and prostitutes. I had nearly been arrested after being wrongly accused of using prostitutes in Dhaka! There are plenty of awesome things to do in Dhaka, getting arrested isn’t one! That’s a tad harsh on Bangladesh, to be honest, but it’s just the way my travels panned out.

I had been in the country a week or so. I had discovered a lot of things to see in Bangladesh and it had been a real adventure. We (my 2 friends and I) had taken an amazing rocket steamer boat from Dhaka to Khulna, down to the Bay of Bengal, we disembarked in Khulna in southern Bangladesh sometime around 9pm. It was pitch black. We had no accommodation sorted, and we were ready for a real bed after 2 nights on the boat!

Every corner I turned, I was still getting the crazy stares from the bemused Bangladeshi locals. So when a very cheery guy came springing over with his hand extended “Welcome to Bangladesh my friends, we are so happy to have you, my name is Nazir” with a grin the size of a Cheshire cat. I was relieved.

Rocket Steamer to the Bay of Bengal
Rocket Steamer to the Bay of Bengal

Meeting Nazir

In countries like Bangladesh, you’re just delighted that someone can speak English and help you out of any tight spots you find yourself in. So when Nazir helped us out with some accommodation, invited us to dinner at his house, introduced us to his extended family, we were so grateful. Then tea round at his place with his wife. Great guy, but a great guy with a different take on how to build on new friendships

Meeting Nazir’s ‘Special Woman Friend’

After a few fun days exploring Khulna, our time was up and we were reading to take the train to Kolkata in India.

Our cheery friend Nazir, however, insisted that we go and meet his special friend for a ‘proper goodbye’. A phrase he used multiple times, but nothing really flagged with me. Naivety? Perhaps. It was certainly a strange way to structure a sentence, but he was a strange guy so I let it slide. We hopped onto two man-powered rickshaws and made our way through the backstreets of Khulna for a good 30 minutes or so. Leaving the town centre into a residential area, turning corners into the depths of the Bangladeshi slums. Prostitutes in Bangladesh were still the last thing on my mind. But then it happened!

Rickshaws in Bangladesh
Our Rickshaws in Bangladesh

An overweight Bangladeshi woman

“We have arrived gentlemen, now come and see my special friend”

Nazir was giggling like a little school girl, almost hyperventilating with excitement. We had parked outside a large house, our new friend sprinted up two flights of dilapidated stairs and then into an apartment. Standing by the door, beckoning us in. Nervously I entered first, brushing aside the beads guarding the door frame, peeking inside, a million ornaments, a very worn purple couch pushed against the grimy wall, covered in sequins. Two wooden chairs and an old school TV perched on a sequined stool. A hugely overweight Bangladeshi woman was waiting to greet us at the far side of the room. Smiling from ear to ear,  Nazir hopped across the room, gave her a hug and kiss, turned to us and giggled again.

transport in bangladesh
We made our way across Kulna…

Go into the room Johnny, you’re first

“Gentlemen, this is Anika, my special friend. Go into the room Johnny, you’re first”

“First? First? Errrrrr, First for what exactly?!” Startled, I reply in a mumbling tone. Queue some more incessant giggling, this awkward atmosphere just got a lot more awkward.

“Johnny, you’re silly! First, with my friend, she is so beautiful, look at the curves. We love the big woman, this one is the most popular prostitutes in Bangladesh, and of course in all of Khulna”

Machu Picchu Peru
Machu Picchu Peru

What the hell is going on here?! I shared some shocked looks with my mates and looked over at our Bangladeshi friend. He could see our shock, but he didn’t quite grasp the concept of it.

“No, no, no do not worry, you’re my esteemed guests I will go forth of course, you gentlemen can go first, second and third”

“I can go forth, of course”

WTF?! Yep, our new friend is trying to make me do the deed with a morbidly obese Bangladeshi woman, complete with full Niqab headscarf. Then, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world, 2 of my best friends are expected to follow up and finally, our Bangladeshi man will complete this wonderful mixing pot with the fourth instalment. He would generously foot the bill for the whole escapade. Marvellous.

Needless to say, we thanked him profusely for this generous offer but our (imaginary) wives would be so upset that we couldn’t possibly accept his ‘gift’. Of course, we said, were it not for them, we’d be delighted, and honoured naturally.

We made our excuses and asked to be shown out. Nazir stayed of course, and we made our own way back to our guesthouse in Khulna. We arranged to meet at the train station the following day and he quickly turned right back around and straight back up the stairs to the Bangladeshi beauty waiting on the second floor. I don’t even want to imagine what happened next. And that was that.

We met the next day at the train station and not a thing was mentioned about his experience with prostitutes in Bangladesh, and I certainly wasn’t keen to dredge it back up. On to India, we went. Kolkata was waiting, followed by the Taj Mahal in Agra, a bucket-list item for me, and one of the new seven wonders of the world! Certainly a more positive prospect than this run in with prostitutes in Bangladesh!

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The Taj Mahal all to myself
The Taj Mahal all to myself! Check out how further down!

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43 thoughts on “Sharing prostitutes in Bangladesh (errm, no thanks!)

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  4. Even though it was unexpected, he should have at least shown a more desirable girl to you guys, and I’m sure you have seen pretty Bangladeshi women while being there. The idea was that some guys want western men to have some fun and enjoy Bangladeshi women before they leave. Hope you visit again !

  5. I just don’t get the obsession with fat girls around here. It’s not your fault , the rural people here thinks all foreign men want to have bd girls. The social mindset is just like that. Pretty Weird though!

  6. dear sirs i am planning to visit bangladesh for tourism and business trip of t shirt cotton so please give me some tips useful about especial how to make a girl friend is bangladesh girl honest to make as a girl friend and if there is good people or girls honest? i need their mobile or whatsapp and thanks

  7. OMG! I think….I’d be extremely freaked out and at the same time on the verge of laughing nonstop XDD
    great story 🙂

  8. Every county has some dark parts as well as my county has but you know what most of us love to dig the garbage to giggle on that particular part……. why!? Is your country is prostitution free? Why and how you people fall on this kind of wrong hand? Do you want to say they are more smart than you? and you are so stupid that you had no idea about their intention!!? I think you fall on that wrong hand very consciously to make your story more interesting.
    14th April is the “Pohela Boishakh (1st day of Bangla New year”. We are welcoming you again to Bangladesh to see how we celebrate this day with colors, emotions, food, love and happiness. May be my country is not rich in wealth but not poor from heart. We know how to treat our guest but all you need to do is put your step in the right place.

    1. I had an awesome time in Bangaldesh buddy, and will definitely be book. This is simply a crazy thing that happened during my time there 🙂

  9. HAHAHA that was crazy and funny, trust me all Bangladeshi are not like him. you just got hooked up with wrong guy……try and visit sylhet next time and meet some people who don’t think of F…. all the time….

  10. HAHAHA that was crazy and funny, trust me all Bangladeshi are not like him. you just got hooked up with wrong guy……

  11. LOL! my friend forwarded me this story and I just had to read it! Funny story bro

  12. Wow. What a way to impress a guest, haha. And good job in your response to the guy with possible transference issues! I’m going to think of hateful people in a new, more constructive light

  13. Dude, Ive read both of your Bangladeshi posts and just managed to get off the floor rolling around laughing. Definitely one of the most funniest posts Ive read.

    Well done mate.

  14. Hey there!

    I am having a great time reading your posts! I am a Bangladeshi and I have to admit that Bangladeshis are a bit queer in nature especially to shada (foreigner) people like you. Yet we are full of hospitality and love for all those who come to visit our small country which sometimes leads us to take some overwhelming steps like those taken by your friend LOL. However, I am glad to see that you looked beyond what foreigners normally think of us and had fun in Dhaka!


    1. i loved my time in Bangladesh, really. It was one of my first ‘true’ traveling experiences, and set me up for the life i have now 🙂

  15. Johnny,
    I found most foreigner visiting bangladesh or serving in bangladesh look around to be fucked, as most of them are bottom gays. You must be one of them, that’s why the men led you to wrong place.

    1. thanks for your hugely constructive input Nijhor, really helpful insight, great. Also, i googled your email address out of interest, a very interesting forum that you posted on came up, care to elaborate? 😛 I often find most hate is related to transference – this, evidently, is one such case

  16. This is one of the most hilarious posts I’ve ever read!!! Hahahahahha.. I’m about to roll on the floor laughing!! LOL 🙂 🙂 😉

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