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English Questions and Answers For D...
English Questions and Answers For Daily Conversation - Part 01

Tuesday’s Travel Rant; Everything’s Not Always F*cking Awesome

I’m writing this from Papua New Guinea, I love traveling, and I always will. A lot of the food I eat is delicious, a lot of the people I meet are awesome, a lot of the sites I see are breathtaking, but you know what… That does...
America is not a country

Tuesday’s Travel Rant: I’m From America

Following up last  Tuesday’s Travel Rant about people from around the world assuming that they can go straight to their city when asked where there from, as opposed to their country, I thought I’d continue in that vei...
hidden costs airlines

Tuesday’s Travel Rant: Hidden F*cking Costs

I’m not even gonna rant (well, sort of not) – this is how the thought process of booking a budget airline goes: Wow, a flight from Ukraine to Poland for $20, that’s amazing. I’ve always wanted to go Poland. I...
hungover dog

Tuesday’s Travel Rant: Hangovers in Dorms

Pounding headache, craving a pizza, wanna to snuggle up in your bed and shut the curtains – but it’s already 2pm. Why did I drink so much? Why did I do those shots? Where have my pants gone? Partying is part and parcel of the...
blocking the elevator

Tuesday’s Travel Rant: Elevator Etiquette

If you travel a fair bit, you’re gonna be in lifts all the time. 7th floor please, ground floor please. More often than not you’re gonna have your backpack strapped on, your mobility (and patience) is at an all-time low as you...

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