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No matter what subject a student is struggling with, tutoring has been proven to be an effective means to help with understanding difficult concepts and solving problems (especially with difficult subjects like physics). When receiving tutoring the student expects to have material presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Since the boom of tutoring in Hong Kong in the early 1990s, students have begun to feel the pressure to get extra help simply to keep up with their fellow classmates. While there are many tutors available in Hong Kong, finding one who is a good fit with the student and who has the time to take on a new student can be difficult.

More Tutor Choices

By passing on the common tuition schools, private in home tutors can give the student a more personal experience. If the student needs help in physics and there are no local physics teachers available, checking online tutoring agencies can be a nice alternative.

Cost Effective

The cost of good tutors in Hong Kong can be reasonable if you go to the right places. More difficult subjects like physics often have higher priced tutoring fees due to it being a speciality subject.


Working with tutors can be good as it will happen based on your available time. It can happen at home, in a library or in a café. Sessions should be kept to a strict schedule so that all the subject material is covered.

Academic Improvement

Having a private tutor will help the student grasp difficult concepts, as it can be explained in much more detail one on one. The student is able to move at their own pace ensuring understanding of even the most difficult to understand equations.

Entire Coursework Review

Students are able to go back over any and all modules that have been covered at any time within their lesson-plan. Whatever has been covered in the course of the tutoring sessions is kept together for the student to refer to.

Performance Tracking

A student can choose to be tutored in more than one subject at a time. This makes it easy for the student or parents to go back over the last few weeks or months and see what progress has taken place.

Individual Attention

With tuition centers the student will get extra instruction but often will not get individual attention for some of the more challenging concepts. With private tutoring, the student gets focused one-on-one instruction.

The best thing is to go for a home tutor in Hong Kong that comes recommended and with experience.


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One thought on “Tips For Being A Private Tutor In Hong Kong

  1. Ha! Nice post Johnny. I’ve done this a lot myself. Its mostly done at home – cafes are too crowded and not private enough. In terms of rates, you can choose as much or as little as you want. Most Hong Kong people want their kids to learn good English so you should charge a minimum of 200 Hong Kong Dollars an hour. This is an easy opportunity to find work in Hong Kong, I also have a post on it here for anyone interested: Safe travels, Jonny

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