Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Travel Trailer and How to Buy One

Recreational vehicles (RVs), used for recreation use and RV living, offer adventurous family time. There has been a peak of interest in the travel trailer, a special type of RV, because of the ease of parking it whenever it is not in use.

Travel trailers measured from the hitch to the rear bumper, could be about 40 feet by size. The weight can be anywhere between 1000 lbs. and 8,000 pounds.

Types of travel trailer

The different trailers come with specific amenities, layouts, measurements, and floor plans. Deciding on which trailer to choose, such as when you see the Rockwood Mini Lite 2509s for sale, can be overwhelming, considering the number of companies and manufacturers in the business today.

These companies and manufacturers significantly determine how the trailer is designed and equipped.

Classic travel trailers

They come in varying sizes and usually possess slide-outs to increase their overall space.

The slide-outs may contain large furniture and kitchen appliances, and the design helps keep them out of the way for easy movement within the trailer.

Considering their sizes, you may need a truck with enough towing capacity to move them around.

Toy haulers

The Toy Haulers are the perfect choice for people interested in moving around with heavy loads. They can comfortably carry recreational vehicles and other camping equipment for optimal fun.

Due to their design and expected functionalities, they can be as heavy as classic travel trailers.

Camper Trailers

They are pop-up trailers but have been preferably called camper trailers over the years. This is primarily due to their design, which has a pop-up feature that allows more room for individuals.

The outward extension is usually an enclosed sleeping space perfect for people who still want to enjoy the comforts of being at home.

Teardrop trailers

The teardrop trailers are a great choice for minimalists. They are light and weigh lesser than 1000 lb. For comfort, this trailer type is designed with structures for cooking and kitchen appliances storage.

Due to their weight, they can be towed by most cars without requiring special towing capacity.


Standys, popularly known as Stand-Up trailers, are designed to afford enough room for anyone to stand comfortably.

They are ultra-light like the teardrop trailers and share some similarities in design, especially in size.

The interior structure varies, and priority may not be given to beds and sleeping spaces.

Benefits of owning a travel trailer

  • Affordable

Although travel trailers cannot be generally described as cheap, they are more affordable to own when compared with motorhomes. The cost of insuring a travel trailer is also lower. The complete set-up will cost lesser than a motorhome; therefore, the cost of insuring it will be lesser. They also have a good resale value as there is a demand for used ones.

  • Reduced fuel consumption

Travel trailers are structured such that you can lower sections of the roof to create less drag and a reduced center of gravity on the road. This reduces the amount of fuel burned to move the vehicle. 

  • Cheap to tow

You may not need a truck with high towing capacity to move around with a travel trailer. Some can be easily towed using your typical trucks, thus saving you some expenses for purchasing a new towing vehicle and refueling.

Huge towing vehicles consume more fuel.

  • Expandable space

Travel trailers with pop-ups or slide-outs create more space for all campers. These designs offer the opportunity to enjoy the outside environment with the trailer’s safety.

The structural arrangement does not include a driver or passenger seat; therefore, more available space when compared with a motorhome.

You can also stock essential supplies for the trip, such as food and water. This will save you the cost of feeding at a restaurant, except if you have plans to explore the food in the area.

  • Easy and cheap to maintain

Motorhomes have engines that require periodical servicing, and they might sometimes develop a fault that could disrupt your camping plans. This is not the case with travel trailers.

A travel trailer is easier to clean and does not need an engine. The primary thing is to keep the battery fully charged. You can easily handle other maintenance without visiting a mechanic shop.

Maintenance tips to make your travel trailer last longer

  • Clean and wash the exterior after every trip.
  • Avoid usage of high-pressure hose for cleaning. They could loosen fittings and damage the trailer’s painting.
  • Always check the roof for any leakage.
  • Move around with screwdrivers and spanner sets to tighten any nuts when required.
  • Inspect your AC filters before every trip. 

Last but not least, make sure you have these top beneficial and useful RV accessories to make any trip you take as smooth as possible.  You can never be too prepared, especially if you are travelling with children.  

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