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Beijing is electric, a Chinese megacity not to be missed if you are in the country. While Beijing might feel overwhelming at first, you’ll soon find that there are so many pockets of the city to visit, each offering a unique experience of culture, food, architecture and so much more. So don’t waste a moment of your time here, and make sure to check out these great sights to see and things to do when in Beijing:


Panjiayuan Antique Market

There are so many places you can go shopping and explore the markets of Beijing if that’s your thing. But Panjiayuan Antique Market in particular is a great spot to visit, since it’s one of the best, and especially great to visit on a weekend. Craftsmen and traders come from all over the country to sell their unique wares here, so you’ll find everything from Buddha statues to calligraphy, and all sorts of books and art. To satisfy your appetite, try some coffee and snacks from the cafes in the market. The market is also a great place to people watch and just enjoy the bustling and lively atmosphere.

Bike Beijing

Beijing is a huge city, like most Chinese megacities, and you’ll definitely need more than just your own two feet to see very much of it. Bicycling is hugely popular in this city because it’s so flat, and the city is built for bikes with bike lanes and plenty of small alleys and paths. So skip the hassle and expense of hiring a cab, and hire bikes for the day instead. You can rent them in the old city, and grab a map from a local shop. Then just head out on an adventurous exploration, enjoying the many sights, sounds and smells coming from all around you; this city truly is a feast for the senses!

Trek Across the Wild Wall

If you’re in China, chances are you’d love to get the chance to see part of the old Great Wall. The closest part of the wall to Beijing is at Badaling and it’s quite touristy, so if you come here it’s best to arrive early in the morning. But if you head a bit farther out, a few hours from Beijing, you can explore the wall in a far more rugged atmosphere.

Get a Chinese massage

All that sightseeing is going to take its toll at some point, leaving you craving some pampering and relaxation! Luckily, you’re in a city with some of the best massages in the world. China is known for its great holistic therapies so whether you’re looking for simple massage, or some acupuncture and herbal remedies, you’ll be able to find the perfect treatment in Beijing. After a wonderful spa day you’ll be feeling rejuvenated and energized for the rest of your trip.

Sample Beijing duck

Let’s be honest: no trip is completely without sampling the best of the best of the local cuisine. And in Beijing, that means ordering some roasted duck. Some would advise to eat this signature dish on its own, highlighted with plum sauce and finely sliced onions, or maybe some thin pancakes. Others would say the duck is divine when paired with a vegetable side dish or two.


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