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China, situated in East Asia, is one of the most exhilarating travel destinations in the world. Home of The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Terracotta Warriors and the Karst Mountains, the list of sites to see is endless and sensationally awe-inspiring. In addition, China is known for its world famous cuisine and its fusion of rich customs with innovative modernity.

Badaling Great Wall

Planning your itinerary for visiting China is one of the most exciting ways to spend a day or two with your travel party. Pulling together plans for how best to explore the country is the start of your journey, which can only be enhanced by the involvement of an expert travel company, who should also be able to assist with the legalities of travel. Companies such as Trailfinders can help with Chinese Visa application.

Do not be tempted to book your travel with a high street holiday company, and pull a pre-made package from a travel brochure. Look around and you will find specialist operators who are experienced in tailoring breaks abroad to suit your every travel whim. This needn’t be an expensive option either, with low cost luxury travel being the optimum choice for a brilliant, bespoke break abroad.

Once your plans are in action, be sure not to leave it too late to arrange the documentation required for your journey. All passengers hoping to travel into China will need to apply for and purchase a Chinese Visa. With the help of your chosen expert travel firm, Chinese Visa applications are a streamlined process, presenting very little complications or obstacles.

The first step when applying for your Visa is to download, print and complete the relevant forms. These are available online and need to be completed in black ink, as indicated, with no punctuation included throughout the entire form.

With all applicable areas noted, a number of additional items and documentation must accompany your form, to ensure that your Visa is approved.

Most importantly, check well in advance that your passport will have a minimum of six months validity remaining from your intended date of travel into China. There must also be a minimum of two clear pages within your full passport, and any new passports must be provided with a previous, cancelled book.

With this include one passport photograph, on a white background, purchased professionally using either a passport photo booth or through a photograph studio. Home photographs and home printed passport sized shots will not be accepted. It is also crucial to send through confirmation of your inbound and outbound flight details, as well as a list of your accommodation for each night you plan to stay in China.

Business customers need to supply further information for their Visa application process including an ‘Invitation Letter from the Inviting Company in China’ that lists the traveller’s full name (as on passport), date of birth, and passport number.

Process times for Chinese Visa applications take between three to five days, depending on your selected service speed. Once you have your documentation in hand, all that’s left is to enjoy your adventure in one of the most mesmerising countries that the world has to offer.





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  1. Recently for the Chinese Visa Application for tourist they need an Invitation Letter from Tour Company in China 🙁

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