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The ultimate challenge to test your compatibility with your romantic partner is travelling together. But of course not all trips are equal. You can’t compare the experience of a RTW trip together with staying a romantic weekend in apartments in Paris or Venice.  If you are planning a romantic getaway you are obviously planning your trip with heart-shaped love goggles on. What counts most is to be spending the entire time with your partner. But this dream come true of spending 24h+ together can quickly turn into a bad nightmare on a more challenging trip that lasts weeks or even months to unknown destinations.

Eiffel Tower

RTW trips are a life-changing experience. If you go alone you will learn a lot about yourself and gain self-confidence. You don’t have anyone close around you to rely on and for some it is more of an effort to get to know other people. But if you go with someone the additional challenge is to make the travel relationship work. And this significantly affects the future course of the relationship if there is one. There has to be a balance between making mutual experiences, but also going out on your own, permitting each other to do the things the other person is not interested in doing. This can already be difficult with friends, so you can only imagine how tough this can be when you are travelling with your partner.


If you get thrown into unfamiliar situations true colors come out and the way you deal with adversity says a lot about you as a person. Fight or flight? Do you shy away from difficult situations or do you take on the challenge. In foreign countries and different cultures daily things such as eating a meal or taking public transportation can be a challenge. The trick is recognize when to step up for the other person and vice-versa. You will never be able to avoid arguments, it good to disagree every now and then. Important is to listen to the other person and acknowledge other opinions, just as much as you admire the existence of different cultures that you are exploring together.

Taking a RTW trip is a big decision. So I suggest you don’t discuss this matter with your partner during or directly after your romantic stay in Paris apartments. Take off the love goggles first!




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One thought on “Travelling as a Couple

  1. I absolutely love this thread! I am an actress/model and law of attraction practitioner. My boyfriend is a videographer and editor, so we are already on a great start as we are both travelling to Thailand this year for the same thing; to create our own filming footage together. We already live together, work from home together and do our shopping together, and we were genuinely best buddies for 3-4 years before getting together, but i would say this will be the true test! I am so lucky that we both enjoy the same things and we are with each other all the time anyway. Good tip though on spending a day apart now and again to explore. I know he is more techie than I, and I am into yoga and spirituality – something Sam most definitely is not. Ha! So we have found a good excuse to try new things and/or go our separate ways for a day 🙂 P.S. Absolutely love this blog. I too am from Ireland and have just started writing 2 days ago. I cover law of attraction, health, career and soon to be travelling 🙂 I would love for you to check it out 🙂 x

  2. Hahaha! There is a reason my bf wasn’t invited on my year long Africa trip – I doubt we’d come out of it on the other side and who wants to be stuck in Malawi with someone they no longer like? Hehehehe

  3. Haha I have this hilarious image of HUGE heart shaped, swimming goggles in my head now!

    I must say this is one thing I worry about for my future, some of my best friends who I really love, completely drove me nuts when travelling, by the end of two weeks I was pretty darn happy to go our separate ways! Even my roommate who I’m with all the time in Shanghai I can’t stand to travel with, she drives me mental. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just because I’ve travelled so much on my own that I can’t tolerate others travelling with me for longer then a couple of weeks or maybe it’s just we weren’t compatible?

    The thing to remember is that when we travel every feeling is heightened, excitement, happiness, tiredness, grumpiness, anger. You may really love your significant other and get along fine living together in the settled world but once you’re on the road it’s a whole different story, you’re thrown challenges and put in situations that normally wouldn’t come up and pretty quickly cracks can form.

    I’ve travelled as a couple once for 6 weeks and on the most part it was good but by the end of 6 weeks I was desperate for some me time and on the brink of strangling him! The biggest problem was we didn’t have the same travel goals and he expected us to be together all the time, that’s not me, I need to have my own adventures as well!

    I guess the most important thing to establish before setting off on a big trip is what are your travelling goals, if they’re not the same then troubles going to brew very quickly. And another thing and I think one of the most important is to remember you don’t have to be together all the time! You don’t even have to go to all the same places, spend a weekend, or a week apart not only will you most likely appreciate each other more when you meet up again but it’s nice to be able to swap stories that you didn’t experience together because after a while sharing the same story get’s pretty damn boring!

  4. This is very true – travelling together can be a challenge if you’re not with the right person! I met my boyfriend in a jungle in Pai seven months ago, and we’ve been together nearly 24/7 since, visiting multiple countries together and just completing a 20 American states/3 Canadian provinces road trip. Despite the amount of time we spend together, we still have a blast and are looking forward to more travels in the near future.

    I totally agree with your first line; travelling together is the ultimate compatibility test. You truly see the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly in each other, but if you can survive that, I think you can survive just about anything.

  5. I like this post Johnny! It really is a big challenge. Some, even just on the planning stage, there’s trouble already.. It’s a give and take situation. 🙂 And yes, GOTTA TAKE OFF THE LOVE GOGGLES FIRST! =)

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