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Recently my blogging have been sporadic at best, I’m aware of it, and I’m sorry for it guys. My traffic has gone from pushing 100, 000 unique visitors per month to around 65, 000 per month because it, and I’ve no-one to blame but myself. So I’m back, and back for good.

old hippie
Don’t let me be this guy pleassse

I thought you deserved an explanation as to why I went from posting almost daily for a couple of years to almost not at all for the last couple of months so here we go. I’ve been growing my businesses online, hiring staff, outsourcing work, and trying to increase my income and to get to a level where no matter what happens in the future with my travels, I’ll have a roof over my head and some modicum of an existence!


I’m 29 now, so my twenties are fast running out. I’m still footloose and fancy free but equally I have no aspirations of being that naked, homeless 50 year old former hippy with dirty dreadlocks bumming around some town in India, with the only marbles he has left being the ones you see dangling from his exposed crotch. For me, that’s not travel, that’s desperation. Sad, but true.


johnny ward thailand
Travelling hasn’t slowed at all

So money has been on my mind, I admit it. And actually, I’m not ashamed of it, I’m actually kinda proud of it – this week I made the biggest purchase of my life, all through travel blogging and things associated with, I’m gonna update you guys about this very soon (hopefully this week), but I’m sure it’s gonna really inspire you to follow your passions to the nth degree, showing that the disengaged corporate route is not the only path to success.


With that being said, as my income has been increasing, so has the void in my heart. I miss, I miss my readers, and although I still get daily emails from people from all over the world, I wanna feel like I’ve earned the right to give advice again.


During my business push over the last 9 or 10 months or so, I’ve still been on the road (as you’ll know if you follow my facebook fan page), so although my blogging about backpacking had reduced, my actual backpacking hasn’t. But that’s not good enough, so my blogging is coming back. Crazy stories (safe-for-work only tho, perhaps I’ll write a book for the not-so-safe-for-work stories, although my gf and mother might disown me), tips on how to travel long-term, advice for new travelers and a website redesign is all coming.


johnny ward
100 countries is impending!

On a personal level, I always had a goal of traveling through more than 100 countries before I was thirty, and now at 29 I’m sitting proudly at 95, I have 8 months to visit 5 more, but I already have the trips outlined and the flights booked taking me to 100 and beyond, all before the end of August, so it looks like my dream is gonna come true. I can’t find verification for this unfortunately (maybe you guys can put me right?), but I think I’m gonna be the youngest person from the UK and Ireland to visit 100 countries ever. Pretty cool if it’s true J


In terms of my site, I’ll always be true to backpacking and budget travel, but I was thinking also about talking a little more about making money online, business, internet marketing, and travel blogging as a viable means to generate revenue, do you think that’s a good idea? If not, I’ll stick to the travel stuff only.


Anyways here I am sitting the departure gate of an airport waiting for my flight to Malaysia, then Australia and onto Papua New Guinea and beyond. I’m excited about coming back to properly, I’m excited about my travels and my businesses and I’m excited to share it all with you. Sorry again, and thanks for sticking with me. Happy travels!

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Got a question? Wanna comment? I'd love to hear from you

13 thoughts on “Life Update – Apologies, Explanations, Travel and Business

  1. Just as corporate veterans prepare future leaders through ongoing professional development, business coaches provide insight to help small businesses overcome challenges. Certified business coaches often use the SMART goals technique to keep their clients focused on realistic growth. Recently I find out a business coach that could help me and could help you:

  2. Great to hear the update, must have missed it when it first was published! Good job on the travels before 30 years old!

  3. Hey Johnny,
    That is a nice record to set.. 26 and 14 for me so far. I think you should definitely write about all aspects of your ventures. Internet marketing, blogging, etc. I know you tarted out as a budget backpacker, but are you really still one now?

    That pimping camper you are cruising around the south island in is a weapon! I am curious, do you make all your money online now or do you have a sponsor? You seem to get in a lot of luxurious travel, as well as the cheap stuff and I don’t see much on the site about kicking it in a 10 bed dorm at Xbase.

    I am Irish to, been on the road for four years, my blog is in a very early stage. You have done an excellent job here on One Step 4 Ward.

    All the best,

  4. Hey man welcome back. I’m glad you’re hitting the 100! congratulations! see you around. greetings from MOROCCO!

  5. Welcome back, Johnny. Congratulations on your accomplishments. It’s so easy to see all the potential when you see how the rest of the world works and it seems like you’re focusing on it on some of those things.

  6. Apology accepted! Hehe. Travel is fun, but money is important too! Looking forward to the new book you’re planning to write and your 100th country. That better be special! 😀

  7. Daily blogging is no easy feat! Welcome back and congratulations on your impending personal accomplishment. Looking forward to more great posts. Cheers!

  8. That’s great that you’ll reach your goal of 100 countries by 30. I love traveling and have the book ‘1000 places to see before you die’, I’d love to tick each one off listed in that book, but I’m not sure its an achievable goal! I have a full time job so I have to travel and blog part time. I’m 26 and I’ ve traveled to 30 countries which I don’t think is too shabby. Enjoy your travels!

  9. Nice post Johnny well done on the big purchase – sounds like a flat/house to me…and great update!

    You might well be the youngest UK/Ireland BACKPACKER to break the 100 country mark, but there are plenty of Brits and Irish that have done it. I remember speaking to Northern Ireland player Keith Gillespie once on a flight and just from football alone he had racked up something like 70 countries, European trips, Asia tours, Caribbean tours etc. I’d guess Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Jenson Button and Lee Westwood beat you to it so you’re in good company but you did it the real way and didnt stay in posh hotels! I remember smiling to myself in Antarctica a few years back knowing I had been to a British Base that even the Queen and Prince William had never been to when I landed at Port Lockroy! Worth a trip for you sometime you’ll LOVE it.

    I look forward to your upcoming blogs and stories. Keep up the good work mate, I would never have known you were posting less regularly!!

    Safe travels and maybe catch up for a beer sometime!


  10. Good to get an update! Always interested in how things evolve:)
    I for one wouldn’t mind at all reading about online business, given it’s related to travel blogging/writing/stuff:-)

  11. When and where will you be in Australia? I’m heading there too for the first time this weekend and will be there until April 27th visiting friends. I’m 31 and have been able to visit 60 countries, all while having a corporate job since college except for a break of 4 months. My blog is

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