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I’ve discussed what a visa run is before (so if you don’t know, click the link), and thanks to my indefinite travel plans I seem to be constantly bordering hopping! Last week I had to get an extra couple of weeks stamped into my passport so off I was to Cambodia again.

Poi Pet visa crossing
Cambodia Border Crossing at Poi Pet

This time I went with a company, I wanted it to be stress free, fast and with no complications. I went with Thai Visa Service. They charged be 1900 baht which included all transport, visa fees, paperwork, everything!


1) They take you to a different border crossing than Poi Pet – much less hassle and fewer people

2) They are faster

3) Hassle Free

They leave from On Nut BTS station at 7am, and arrive back in Bangkok at 5pm. It really is the easiest way to do your visa run.

TOTAL COST: Around 1900 Baht ($60 USD)

bangkok visa run service
The AC bus that takes you from Bangkok to the border and back if you go with a company



In the past, I’ve gone on my visa runs via public transport from Bangkok to Cambodia and back again, and here’s how it breaks down, complete with how much it costs:



STEP 1) Taxi from your condo/hostel to the bus/train station: 40 mins, 150 baht

STEP 2) Either:

A) Train from Hua Lampong Train Station to Aranyaprathet (Poi Pet).

Train number:275 Departs Hualamphong at 5:55 am and arrives Aranyaprathet at 11:35 and costs 48 Baht for lowest class. Note – it’s often delayed!

bangkok to poipet train
Hua Lamphong Train Station
train from Bangkok to Poi Pet
Inside the 3rd class train

B) BUS: every 30/40 mins from the Mo Chit station, also stops at old Don Muang and Rangsit, it takes 4 hrs, cost 150 baht


STEP 3) From Aranyaprathet, take a tuk-tuk or motorbike to the border (around 80 baht)


STEP 4) Stamp out of Thailand, line up and get your Cambodian visa ($20 USD or 700 Thai baht, +$1 extra if you have no passport photo). Cross the border, stamp back out of Cambodia, stamp back into Thailand with your new 14 day visa.


STEP 5) Take the tuk-tuk back to the train station (80 baht)


STEP 6) Take the train (or bus) back to Bangkok. The train leaves at 1.55pm and arrives in at 7.55pm, expect delays! (48 baht)

TOTAL COST: Around 1200 Baht ($40)



Ok guys there’s the rundown. Doing it yourself is definitely cheaper, but if you’re worried about missing trains or budget isn’t an issue then going through a company is certainly a lot more relaxing! Happy travels!


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One thought on “Visa Run from Bangkok to Cambodia (Bangkok to Poi Pet/ Aranyaprathet)

  1. Thanks man, this was incredibly helpful, I just called them up and hope to use this service this weekend. I’ll tell you how it went, great article.

  2. Wow this is so cool! It’s like your getting so much out of 1900 baht.! I hope that there is offerings like this in my country. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.. Good job!

    1. yeah, it’s good value and so much less stress but if you’re strapped for cash, public transport is the way to go!

  3. So have you spent one day and 1900 Baht for just 14 days more? I wonder if there are companies that offer the service to do a visa run and organise you a 60 day visa to reenter Thailand?
    Cheers, Charles

    1. Nok air has a daily morning flight from BKK to Udon and free shuttle service to Vientiane Laos round trip for 3000 bhat give or take. It’s a 2 – 3 day process with the Thai embassy in Laos, but there’s visa services from locals outside the gate that’s very convenient and a big time safer so you can tour Laos while you wait for your Visa. I think it’s one of the cheapest and easiest way to get a single or dual entry Thai Visa in the world. Have fun and enjoy the sun.

      1. I definitely have to try a visa run to Laos one day. Thanks Nerd Traveler and thanks Johnny for bringing the post.
        Cheers, Charles

    2. you’d have to go and spend at least one night in Vientienne for that Charles, not just a 12 hour trip :S You could take the night train from Bangkok to Laos (one night), apply and wait (one night) take the night bus/train back (one night) – a lot more work!

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