How to Visit the Kravice Waterfalls (Kravica Waterfalls), Bosnia

The Kravica Waterfalls (often referred to, wrongly, as the Kravice Waterfalls) are the coolest activity in all of Bosnia. Sure, Sarajevo is pretty fun, and no doubt there are lots of things to do in Mostar nearby, and it’s a gorgeous little town, but the Kravica Waterfalls are something else. They were actually the main reason I visited Mostar as I was so desperate to check out the Kravice waterfalls nearby (I’ve since fallen in love with Mostar, but I digress).

The only problem with the Kravice waterfalls are that they were an absolute nightmare to find, at least when I went. It’s true that they’re only 40km or so from Mostar but driving yourself is almost not an option. So how do you go about getting to the Kravice Waterfalls? Let me help:

TOP-TIP: The easiest way to visit the Kravica waterfalls is to take an organised tour from Dubrovnik (HERE), OR from Mostar (HERE). They’re about $50-$70, and much easier than sorting it out yourself, believe me!

Kravice Waterfalls
Kravice Waterfalls

What are the Kravice Waterfalls?

Deep in the Bosnia heartlands lie the Kravic a Waterfalls, on the Trebizat River. The waterfalls themselves are about 25m high (80 feet), and they are becoming ever more popular year by year as the word gets out. Now they have a campsite, a rope swing and even a cafe! When I first visited in 2012, there was none of that, and only about 3 people there. Times change quickly in the tourism world!

Kravice Waterfalls
Kravice Waterfalls

Where are the Kravice Waterfalls?

In Southern Bosnia. About 40km south of gorgeous Mostar.  Check out the google map here:

How to get to the Kravica Waterfalls?

The closest city of note is Mostar, Bosnia. But no public transport will take you to the waterfalls. So you can either take a taxi from Mostar (that’s what I did), they will wait for you and come back. Or you can book a day-tour from Split, Dubrovnik or Mostar. The tours add a couple more stops too, so it’s the best option these days.

Mostar to Kravice: TOP-TIP: The best way these days is to take a tour from Mostar to the waterfalls. The tour includes 3 ancient Bosnian cities and the waterfall, all for $50

Sarajevo to Kravica and Mostar: If you’re day-tripping from Sarajevo to Kravica, then it’s about $95 for a tour. That also includes a trip to Mostar!

Kravica Waterfalls
Kravica Waterfalls

My personal experience visiting the Waterfalls in Bosnia

When I first visited in 2012, there are no google maps for Bosnia, which is mental but true! So my iPhone and MacBook couldn’t bail me out of this one. I had planned to rent a car (no international license), then a motorbike (no license at all!) and then a bloody bicycle in the hope that I could go myself, but after speaking to around 10 people in Mostar I finally gave up on the idea.

The best way to get to Kravice waterfall is by taxi or tour. I’m a staunch independent traveller but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and this is one of those times.

A taxi from Mostar to Kravice waterfalls, with the driver waiting for you for an hour or so, will cost around 40 Euro ($50) for the taxi, which is an exorbitant amount in a cheap country like Bosnia, but what can you do?! Nothing.

More than just a trip to the waterfall?

Alternatively, if you pay 60 Euro ($73) you can get a day tour with a taxi, which will take you to 4 places – a hidden underground Bosnia airport hangar from the war, Blagaj and its Dervish monastery and Medugorje with its hilltop fort. Those prices are per taxi, not per person, so go find a friend or two and it’s not so expensive.

When you arrive at Kravice though, it’s really amazing. A large lake surrounded in waterfalls, with only a handful of people there. It’s free to enter, and although the water is freezing, you have free reign to wander everywhere. The waterfalls, through a series of about 20 falls, 25m and it’s a great way to knock the Bosnian hangover on the head!

Swimming in a Bosnian waterfall, that’s not something I’d ever expected to do, yet it was one of the coolest things I’ve done in the Balkans. Don’t miss it guys. Happy travels!

where are kravice waterfalls bosnia
Me at the falls
Kravica Waterfalls
Kravica Waterfalls

Final things to remember about visiting the falls

Kravica Waterfalls Ticket prices:

October to May €53, June and September €4, July and August €5

Kravice Waterfalls Opening hours:

The ticket office is open 8am until 8pm. But the waterfalls never ‘close’. 

Best time to visit Kravica Waterfall?

Bosnia follows European seasons. So winter can be 0 degrees and freezing. Late spring until early Autumn/Fall is best.

Can you swim at the falls?

100% YES! It’s fresh water though, so it can be super chilly. That’s great in the summer, not so great in the Spring, Fall or Winter.

Facilities there?

Parking (1 Euro). And now 3 restaurants and a bar. And (sadly?) even WifFi now.

Kravice Waterfalls Mostar
Kravice Waterfalls Mostar

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