Which travel insurance covers COVID-19?

Maybe you’re still afraid to go on a trip or you can’t travel at all because of COVID-related restrictions. Perhaps adding to your worry is you don’t have COVID travel insurance. Or your existing policy doesn’t cover trip cancellations and medical emergencies caused by the pandemic. These are challenging times that can keep you on your toes.

If you’ve already booked a flight but won’t be able to leave or you’re stuck somewhere wondering what to do next, get in touch with your travel company, insurer, and the local authorities to seek their advice or assistance. The following are also some of the steps you might need to take while waiting for the green light.

Ask for a Refund

If your travel provider or airline cancelled your trip, request the company to give you options, such as a full refund or move your flight to a later date. It’s the responsibility of your travel operator to bring you to your destination. In case it doesn’t cooperate, call your credit card company. They can arrange the refund.

Check Legitimate Travel Websites

Always keep yourself informed. There may be changes or updates in the rules of the locations you’re traveling to or from that you need to put into consideration. Visit the pages of the World Health Organization or the local government of your destination. If you’re a UK resident, check the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office’s website. Also, confirm the information that these websites provide.  

Purchase Insurance

There’s no way we can tell how long the devastating effects of the coronavirus will linger so cover all the bases when you need to make that essential travel or go on holiday. Get a COVID travel insurance policy that includes compulsory quarantine coverage, medical repatriation, accommodation and travel costs assistance, among other relevant benefits.

Update Your Cover

Should you wish to cancel your insurance, you can do so because it’s within your rights. There are circumstances and provisions that have to be observed though, such as the type of your policy and if there has been no claim made. Reach out to your insurer to know if you can avail of a full refund or if you need to pay an administration fee.

If you have an underlying medical condition and don’t want to risk your health by travelling or you’re not allowed to leave because your test failed, inform your insurance company right away. It should be able to assist you based on the merits of your circumstance, such as amending your cover’s travel dates. 


You may be asking which insurer includes COVID in its coverage. Globelink International, a UK travel insurance company, covers the emergency medical expenses of a beneficiary who is infected with coronavirus during their trip. However, it’s subject to their policy’s terms and conditions.

If you buy a Globelink policy from October 29, 2020, your coverage will include emergency medical and repatriation expenses as well as cancellation and curtailment. Get a quote for your COVID travel insurance policy now so you can prepare for your next trip confidently. 

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