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5 places to visit in Scotland

by Johnny Ward

 1.   Experience Armageddon How much alcohol is in a bottle of vodka? Go ahead, check your freezer. How much alcohol is in a bottle of Armageddon, the world’s most potent beer? 65%. That’s waaayyy more than bottle of vodka by the way. This super beer, from Scotland’s Brewmeister Brewer “delievers the drinker to Drunksville,” according Continue Reading »

5 sites not to miss in Edinburgh

by Johnny Ward

The Whisky capital of the world? Maybe, and that should be enough to draw the tourists in. If not, there’s a lot more to boot! Though the essence of the cosmopolitan world has started looming large in the city it is still retaining its traditionalism in all its former glory. This is where the city’s Continue Reading »

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