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5 places to visit in Scotland

 1.   Experience Armageddon How much alcohol is in a bottle of vodka? Go ahead, check your freezer. How much alcohol is in a bottle of Armageddon, the world’s most potent beer? 65%. That’s waaayyy more than bottle of vodka by the way. This super beer, from Scotland’s Brewmeister Brewer “delievers the drinker to Drunksville,” according Continue Reading »

3 Cities to Visit This Winter

If you have a soft spot for chunky knitwear, roaring fireplaces and snowflakes that ‘stay on your nose and eyelashes’ then a winter wonderland might just be for you. With winter closing in on us fast, have a look at these 3 cracking cities and consider checking them out before you open your pressies. You’re Continue Reading »

Top 5 things to see and do in Scotland

Following up from yesterdays top 5 things to see in Wales, I thought I should share the love with my whisky-loving friends further north. Scotland’s weather might keep a lot of the backpackers away, but those of us who make the extra effort get to experience a country full of history, amazing landscapes and grade Continue Reading »