The Best Pizza in Bangkok

Being semi-based in Bangkok and partying far too much has led to an absolute gem of a find in BKK. I wanna share this beautiful thing with you… I’ve searched long and hard, ordered too many disgusting, disappointing pizzas from every company I could and all they did was exacerbate my hangover. Finally I stumbled across literally the best pizza in Bangkok, and my Thai experience is all the better for it…

best Pizza in bangkok

Step forward Pizza Mania, you are a God send

These guys have made my Saturdays and Sundays a much less painful experience. They import all their Italian meats and cheeses (if you’ve ever lived in Asia you’ll understand the cravings for quality cheese!) and fresh bake every pizza for us. A quick phone call and you’ll have it at your apartment in 30 mins or so.

My housemate actually introduced me to these guys, and I have literally not even bothered to order pizza from any other place in Bangkok. I think I should also add a note NOT to order from Pizza Company. These guys are the biggest operators in Thailand and they are awful. Any naysayers out there, feel free to give them a a bash but you’ll be disappointed I promise! Stay cleer peeps.

Ok, this is getting me hungry, pizza time I think! My recommendations are the Salame e Salsiccia and the Salame Picante, should cost around $9, free delivery and 8 slices of Italian heaven. It’s so good that I should party tonight so I can be hungover tomorrow and order it! Best pizza in Bangkok, hands down, just felt compelled to share it with you guys, Happy travels!

20 thoughts on “The Best Pizza in Bangkok

  1. W Questionable

    Hi Johnny,

    I came across your blog last Friday when it was pelting down and we decided to order in. I Googled “best pizza in Bangkok” and your post came up. We eventually went with Pizza Brasil but we will try Pizza Mania the next time we don’t feel like going out as it seems to be the only place in Bangkok that has anything artichoke.

    I woke up the next morning, still buzzing from the thrill at your phenomenal success. I’m not new to blogging, SEO, website design, photography, travel… weird, wildly disparate skills to have that I’ve never been able to pull them together to make a real dent. I even had a website that made it to within top three of the front page of Google in four months in Bangkok in an unrelated area. My educational and work background is in yet another area altogether. In the last few days, you inspired me to excavate a blog of specific memoirs I started last year and dust off a domain name I bought a few years ago that was still available.

    I hope I don’t run out of steam. Thanks again for the galvanization! I’m not ready to publish my blog until I’ve thought through privacy issues but would be honoured if you could be my first reader. No obligation of course. I know you are always busy. Good on you.

    Best wishes,

  2. ben melson

    Ive lived in Bangkok for one year and have been trying to find that one pizza place that i can rely on for a good pizza every time i order. I recently came across “Gallery Pizza”, it was the best authentic italian pizza ive had in Bangkok. I love it especially after a night out because its open until 4 A.M everyday. I highly recommend it.

  3. Pamela

    Hey Johnny, if you get to Paris go to Faggio, that is pizza heaven.
    But yeah, Pizza Mania, hands down the best in Bangkok, can’t live without it!

  4. Jack

    Been living in BKK for 16 years and cried when Bella Napoli left Soi 33. Tried many different pizzas, most of them average at best, until finally one day, by the grace of God, I decided to give Pizza Mania a try. When I opened the box, I just knew, this was something special. A beautiful, unique aroma filled my room and it was an absolutely glorious pizza. Since then I’ve been hooked on the Bolognese with Salami
    . Tangy meat sauce, lots of great cheese, perfect, delicious crust……… Love Pizza Mania!

    1. Dave

      Napoli is on 31 & has been for about 20 years… certainly still open & still v good, if a bit inconsistent.

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  6. Stephen

    Thank you sir, the Primavera was freaking delicious. I have had some real bad pies in BKK, but this place is legit. I have now ordered the Primavera twice now since reading this, I think I have an addiction. Thank you Johnny and thank you Pizza Mania. Now if I can get them to deliver beer I’ll never have to leave home.

  7. Danny

    I like Pizza Mania too. I think they started out originally from the guy who started Basilico (Soi’s 33 and 20). I also like some of the pizzas from Big Pizza and also Bella Napoli.

    1. Johnny Post author

      to be honest mate, i’m not sure but they’re sooo awesome honestly – i get it literally every week. The primavera may be the nicest pizza i’ve EVER had!! massively recommended if u need some western food =)


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