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What is a TEFL course exactly?!

So you want to teach English overseas, you want to travel the world while you work, you want to live in far flung and exotic countries, you want to enhance your CV and learn a language, you want to have a host of small Asian children running around with an Irish accent (ok that last Continue Reading »

16 FAQ about Teaching English Overseas

I have been teaching English around Asia for a while now and am currently studying part-time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to get my Masters in the field so I’ve had a bash at thinking about all the questions I had when I was about to set off teaching english in Thailand and South Korea – so Continue Reading »

My Travels Truly Begin – CELTA

From my courageous stint in medical research I could finally afford to fly the coup once more. This is how my life as a serial backpacker actually began…. Came out of the hospital, but didn’t want to face the real world and I wanted to travel but I still wasn’t exactly rolling in it with Continue Reading »

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