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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel

You’ve thought about it, right? Hitting the road for an indefinite amount of time. Living the dream. You want people to live vicariously through you for a change.  But you’re scared, is it the right thing to do? It’s a bit reckless, surely? You might be right, so just to help you I thought I’d draw up 10 reasons why you should never travel:

Stuff To See Around The World Just Isn’t That Cool

Who needs to see a wonder of the world,? Who needs to see a cheetah chasing a gazelle in the plains of Africa while running the Serengeti Marathon? The thought of 10 days in Bali bores you when you have the inside of your cubicle to stare at all day, every day. Besides, when the office walls start to seem a little familiar, you can always go to the office kitchen again. It must be at least 48 hours since you’ve been in there.

Machu Pichu
Machu Pichu

You hate eating weird food

Pad Thai on the streets of Thailand during your Chiang Mai itinerary? Disgusting. Fresh sushi from the Tokyo fish market? Makes me sick. A 2kg steak in Buenos Aires? Pleeeeease, just stop it. Pot noodles for lunch every day and a Dominos pizza for your Friday night treat. Now that’s what you really want. Who needs all that foreign rubbish when you’re on first names term with the guy at the Deli counter in your local Wal-Mart.

why you should never travel
Pad Thai Street Food during my 3 days in Bangkok

Warmer weather makes you itch.

If the thought of lounging on a beach in 30-degree sunshine makes you want to run back to your home country, then this traveling malarkey is not for you. Grey, grim weather with single-digit temperatures. That’s where your true happiness lies, leave the nice weather to the locals.

Foreign Currencies Make Everything Sound Expensive

Ever since old Milton declared “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, we’ve all been a very cynical bunch. So if the thought of a new tailored suit for $100, or a 3-course meal for $5 makes you skeptical then stay at home. The last thing you need to do is see how far your money can actually go. And anyway, $10 for a beer in your local isn’t so bad, is it?!

bargain hunting in a weekend market
All a load of tacky rubbish…

Friendliness makes you nervous. They Must Have An Ulterior Motive.

Friendliness, hospitality, warmth, generosity. If you travel you will be running a huge risk of experiencing all these things in abundance so be careful, very very careful. Stay at home and rejoice in the grumpiness, embrace the selfishness, who needs all those heartfelt smiles anyway?

These guys wanted nothing to do with me clearly...
These guys wanted nothing to do with me clearly…

You have more than enough friends already.

Whoever said ‘you can never have enough friends’ was clearly an idiot. You have your 2 friends, and that’s more than adequate. If you travel you’re liable to meet a lot of good people, probably a few friends for life, from all over the world, and we certainly don’t want that now do we.

true happiness is only know when shared
They all look like fools, no thanks….

You know everything you need to about the world.

Lucky you, because the more I travel the more I realize I know so so little. You would be constantly learning about new cultures, religions, parties, and festivals. So you know everything already, you don’t need to bother with traveling then, all these interesting cultures probably have nothing to add to your life.

Look at these crazy guys, take me back to Ireland
Look at these crazy guys, take me back to Ireland

You speak English and that’s more than enough.

Unless you’re very careful, you would probably pick up more than a few words in other languages if you were to travel or relocate somewhere else. Studying Thai in Bangkok, or Spanish in Colombia is BORING. So stay where you are and don’t risk diluting that already packed brain with a worthless second or third language. Waste of time really.

Confusing Japanese Sign
Can’t these foreigners speak English?!

You just love your comfort zone.

Your life is already a nice, steady 6/10. why would you ever want to risk that?! For goodness sake what happens if you give traveling a go and you hate it?! You’d have to go home and you’d be right back where you started, having lost nothing. 6/10 is enough anyway, only idiots strive for more.

johnny ward
Counting the seconds until my return flight…

Being interesting just isn’t interesting.

You don’t want loads of awesome stories to tell when you get back – you’ve already got football, Game of Thrones, and America’s Got Talent re-runs to talk about, how would you even fit in conversation about anything else? Madness!

Straight in my comfort zone :S
Feeding hyenas in Harar, Ethiopia

Ok, guys, if these 10 points apply to you then don’t dream of hitting the road – it could have disastrous consequences (new languages, friends, experiences) so be careful! Happy travels.

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110 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel

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  2. What a self-obsessed, arrogant, and entitled prick. I guess you have to be a completely backward person to actually enjoy where you live. I have friends, family, and have lots of fulfilling experiences where I live. I don’t know everyone in my city so there is always someone to meet and something new to experience. I also have a job that helps people, unlike the author who is simply a parasite (a blogger and landlord, you’re really changing the world!). I have traveled some and its really just meh. I’ve seen amazing things and met people and all that, but its just a luxury consumer product mostly. Its not much different than going to an amusement park. Most people aren’t having deep spiritual realizations and connecting with locals. They are taking selfies on their phone and littering and polluting the places they visit while likely destroying the culture they so want to experience. The locals become nothing more than mere exhibits in a human zoo. Travel for the sake of travel is just another hobby, another form of conspicuous consumption. You aren’t doing something meaningful just because you moved yourself to a different location. Maybe try to build something worth staying in once place for awhile. I don’t hate my life because I built up a vibrant support system around me. I am not just staring at my cubicle and going to Walmart and whatever other nonsense you think us morons do who don’t swoon over your travel photos. We are the people who make it possible for people like you to go do whatever it is you do. You think all the impoverished locals where you visit are jet setting around the world. Anyway, fuck you.

  3. Agreed about never traveling. The infectious curiosity that illiscits an emotional reaction, leading to learning about whatever subject matter is a waste of time. The space occupied by ones self could be better utilized by one whom needs to get to a destination, not ‘wants to’. We have to much time on our hands to explore. If one has the extra time, sit back & reflect on the little things in our lives that comprise it. Appreciate the meaning of ‘nothingness’ & embrace it.
    Traveling to a destination solely for the act of sightseeing is perhaps one of the most selfish things we can do to ourselves. It proves that one cannot stay in one place, and that is truly sad. Learning & knowing that ‘where you are is where you should be’ takes patience. It’s thru a lack of traveling that we truly regain a sense of purpose.
    Economically, to put money into an economy that is not part of your local habitat is literally a huge mistake. Wherever you are, that municipality NEEDS those funds. Only spend locally.
    On a health note, the rise in drug resistant bacteria, various germs that ones antibodies are not adopted to combat is a major concern. That said, we need diversification to keep those antibodies able to fight off diseases. Go to a local library, bus station or airport & allow yourself to be exposed to germs not normally encountered at home. Your immune system will thank you.
    Mostly though, be at peace with yourself. Realize that ‘home sweet home’ is really just that. We spend years creating habitats that we feel comfortable in. Don’t blow it by seeing anything nicer or different and wish it was yours. That’s futile. Rather, dwell on making your home one that you don’t need or want a vacation from.
    Never have hope, it will let you down every single time !

  4. Johnny you are doing great.i visit your page everyday. someone like me learns so much from your website
    i am writing blog about my is in Turkish. When i saw your blog,i start to write in English. i hope people like my first page my home town fairy land with fairy chimneys and rock formations used as a house,storeroom or hotel.I call it the flintstones, STILL PEOPLE LIVES IN A CAVE. Do you believe it?

  5. I LOVE Johnny! Me and my partner have handed our notices in this week. The dream begins 2nd November. Can’t wait to hate every minute of it!!!!

  6. What in the world did I just read? You’re telling me that traveling is a bad thing and it’s better to stay home? Hahaha this has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in some time. No offense, it’s just my personal opinion and that’s all. But the best learning comes from experiences and LIFE itself, not books. This is coming from a guy that loves traveling. You learned to truly appreciate what you have. I’m just going to stop wasting my time here.

  7. Whoah! your list is just awesome!that’s why I go travel, travel and travel..

  8. There are few points though you are missing – you are presenting one side of the story as if this is the only and absolutely best thing. Most of the people describing traveling like you I’ve seen have one thing in common – they are all single. There are families travelling but not nearly as much as you’d want to. If you ever want to have kids you’d mostly want to settle down at least a bit (guess what, you were born by your mother too). You are stranger everywhere unless you settle a bit. You may want to choose to live in another country but it still requires settling down.

    You have no attachments and no responsibility to anyone – in this light, it is really easy to lose sight of this perspective.

    Let’s assume you have kids or family or girlfriend or anyone you care for – would you let your kid starve and go see the wonders of the world? Or would you look at your cubicle? It is not by choice you are in cubicle – it is by necessity. Believe it or not – some people actually do want to have children. Not everyone in the world are writers on the Internet and not everyone can do this – I am not using this as excuse – it is simply a reality.

    Let’s also assume that everyone accepts your point of view and starts travelling. Travelling is nice and beautiful. However, who would drive busses, planes and boats? We’d be travelling all on foot. Nobody would also have children (it is too much of a burden right?). And everyone is writing about it and everyone is making money from their blogs online – that wouldn’t work too well I think. Of course it is unrealistic scenario but do be thankful there are people that have not accepted to only do travelling.

    Aside from those that like travelling and those that prefer comfort and saving for older age, I’d say the truth is somewhere in the middle – and let’s not forget that life is much more easy when you’re young. Let me know in 30 years do you still travel or have you settled in some card-box on some street under some bridge. Perhaps you’d get lucky and get married rich – I don’t know, I haven’t had that luck so far 🙂

    My conclusion would be – travelling is good and I do like it, but it is also good that you don’t lose sight of having some security in your life – as you grow older, the money will be harder to make “on the road” and you will need to have something saved for the “old days”. You may not regret you travelled, but you may regret you never had kids for example. Give yourself some time to think about these things, assuming you ever want something like that. It is always good to present everything from all angles not just one-sided view.

    1. i’m not single PP and I have a long term girlfriend and I try to be wise with my money – I bought some property in both Bangkok and London, who knows what the future holds but I think creating obstacles instead of solutions does no-one any favours :S

      My travels have opened so many doors for me, and I get so many emails daily from ‘successful’ people who don’t love their jobs, have very little freedom and they sell their time for money. It makes me so sad to hear, and I try my best to show that it’s not necessarily the only way.

      Kids? Sure, one-day, but that can wait until im 35-40, and even with them – i’ll still be on the road on and off, perhaps not as crazy but still travelling 🙂 I’m sorry you seem to have carry this negativity, I find that positivity breeds positivity. I hope you can find a similar level of contentment too buddy. Let me know if i can help 🙂

      1. Well, that’s good for you if you have enough income to afford that and to afford travels. Very good indeed. I was just pointing out that life gets more problematic as you get older and when you have serious attachments (like children) while you’re presenting like it is all easy and joy. Problems happen, not by choice or because you are negative or positive – they just do. By settling down I didn’t mean anything to do with owning a property – I meant – having small kids – like ages below 5 – kind of problem to travel and change diapers at the same time isn’t it? Yes you can pay someone to raise your children I guess while you travel – but would you really want that? Not to mention that kids need to form their first friendships in such early age – which is also kind of hard on the road. Kids are real pain in the 🙂 But it is not negativity – it is just reality of that situation – unless you’ve seen that you can’t make judgements about that (which you do actually from the sarcasm of above post). What I am proposing is to take a look at this other side. I am all for positive attitude but you’re not having the full picture.

    1. lol, that’s the issue buddy – but, believe me, there are so many opportunities out there! First step? Get blogging!

  9. Very cute post. You are absolutely right. We ran away from home 6 years ago and have been traveling full-time ever since. We have never looked back.

    We have seen amazing things in our travels that never would have happened in our workaday lives: whales breaching next to our sailboat, manta rays leaping out of the water all around us, brilliant streaks of turquoise bioluminescense in the black ocean water, elk bugling as they passed our trailer at 2 in the morning, deer wandering through our camp at dusk, unimagineable hospitality from a Mexican family, exotic Mayan ruins on a remote river that required an hour long boat ride to reach… the list goes on and on and on.

    The memories of our full-time traveling lives in the last six years are in TECHNICOLOR. The memories of my 25 years in a cubicle writing software are in BLACK AND WHITE.

    The thing that holds everyone back from their dreams is fear. There are responsibilities and obligations, sure, but those don’t last a lifetime. However, most people hide behind those things for a lifetime because they are terrified of the unknown.

    Traveling full-time has expanded our horizons immeasurably, deepened our marriage, and opened doors for us that we never would have known existed if we had stayed in our cubicles forever.

    Here’s why we ran away to live our dreams:

    Don’t be offended by this funny post – be inspired, and go live your dream!!!

    1. awesome story emily, we’re peas in a pod 🙂 25 years in a cubicle, u deserve some sort of medal, and i’m sure you’re enjoying the lifestyle change!

  10. I completely understand that this was a sarcastic post, but I hope there are other articles less judgmental than this on the blog. What if that person stuck in a cubicle has responsibilities that necessitate a steady paycheck, like taking care of a loved one with no health insurance? Just because people don’t travel doesn’t mean they don’t have meaningful lives. While there are tons of ways to have amazing travel experiences, it’s the hundreds of people at an airline company “stuck” in cubicles that allow people to jet set or do just about anything really. I just don’t think the best way to encourage travel is through sarcasm.

    1. hey K,

      There are a million ways to deal with responsibilities that don’t involve selling time for a paycheck. I worked in an office once in my life, for around a year, and now i work much less for much more money online. We create obstacles because we’re scared of failing, and that fear then ultimately stops us from living the lives we want. We all have choices, it’s up to us how we make them

  11. Hahaha! When i saw this Tittle on twitter – I was like “theres a Reason NOT to travel?!” & “Johnny wrote it?!” interesting!

    A very inspiring article which I can give a ONE Word hidden message!

    A —> DARE! Lol!

  12. Haha…nice one Johnny! Sure is reason enough to get out of bloody Ireland that’s for sure!

    Saw this post and said “WTF – he’s trying to get people not to travel”, then I read it 🙂

    Hope your keeping well bud.

  13. I actually agree (seriously) with all of the above. I hate travelling. I work 80 hours a week and have come home f*%ing exhausted every day for the last 9 years I have had this job. My holidays (read every 2nd weekend – work the other) consist of a prolonged appointment with my BED. I hardly have the energy to drag myself out of it. Where on earth would I get the energy from to “travel”? I find going new places exhausting. Sorting out where simple things are, learning a new public transport system, using a new currency – why the hell would I PAY for all that work? . I hate planes. I don’t like meeting new people. It really ticks me off when my colleagues can’t shut up about their latest “great” experiences in dangerous polluted third world hellholes like India, Vietnam and Laos – I agree with Aaron – nothing but desth, dire poverty and sheer human misery in those places – who wasnts to see it?

  14. Loving this list but you forgot to mention reason number 10: I really like the girls back home. I don’t mind a bit of extra fat that is there for no reason, I don’t mind short manly hair and a bitchy attitude. Why would I want to go to countries with real feminine looking girls who will actually listen to you instead of waiting for you to be quiet so that they can talk again.

    1. Man, right to the core! Why would I travel when I am enjoying the stress and the pressure of my job? Why would I travel when I freaking hate my colleagues abroad use me as scape goat? Why would I travel when I feel like I am just a corporate slave? It’s very timely with my mood LOL. I so wanted to leave the office earlier and fly to Siem Reap right away. Too bad I need to wait for around 2 months to do some flashpacking. It is going to be my first time to go out of the country as a solo traveler. And Im freaking excited! I cant wait to ditch my excel files and marketing strategies and just watch the sun rise, eat unfamiliar food, to be lost and find my way, to discover the things that I can do without the comfort of my own home and my assistant! 😀

        1. I didn’t know why I replied to this comment instead of creating a new one. Hope the guy above doesn’t mind. LOL. Johny I will! Im just waiting for my 28th bday to settle some things and Im going to leave everything behind. Including our demanding and annoying clients! Cant wait! 🙂 on a side note, which hotels do you recommend in Bangkok? Im going to be there next year, around June for just 2 days. And will be needing a hotel that is close to everything but of good quality and of course affordable 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  15. Hahahahaha brilliant. Gave me a wonderful and very welcome laugh at 5am. Here’s two more reasons- 11) Just because your boss underpays you, abuses you, and sometimes nails your feet to the floor is no reason to suppose he’s not kind-hearted underneath. And who can forget the hilarious incident when his pet lion tore your left arm off and ate it? No, the workplace is more rewarding than any travel.
    12) You’re very proud of your kickboxing wife and her fitness routine. Chasing you around the house with a chainsaw is great for her cardio, and setting your face on fire at six a.m. is much more reliable than an alarm clock 😉 Thanks for the great blog -Max

  16. Hey there Johnny, I am from India (i dunno if you’ve even been here but if you do, hit me up). I have had this thing about travelling, going places, new experiences, new cultures ever since high school. Its not that I haven’t tried to get out there for a few days, but it just never happened. I have never been out of India and I feel really sick about it. So i realized if I can’t go abroad, why not travel in and around my own country first? And that is exactly what I am gonna do this october.
    But on a more different note, going out there, into the world, I feel is kind of my birthright, ain’t it? I mean if there are people just like me residing somewhere really far and different, should I not go and check it all out? Damn right I should. I needed some advice from someone who had seen it all, done it all…and then i came across your website. And your records about all those places are just amazing.

  17. wastage of money, Food poison, Accident,Bad habit start,lazy to work,mind not consternation,hard to update friends,increase of need, not enough money, can catch disease.

  18. Hey ..I searched in your website but I didn’t find anything about Iran. You haven’t been there or is just missing from your site? Can you tell me some tips&tricks about traveling in Iran if you know any ?

    1. karinna, don’t tempt me, i’ve never been! Strongly considering it in November – you’re heading that way soon are ya?

      1. Yeah .. I’m planning and dreaming about it. One of my oldest dreams ..I mean it’s Persia <3 Hopefully I'll be there by the end of August and stay for 2 weeks. But if not, I'll go later anytime for a few days 🙂 This is one dream I won't give up 🙂

  19. Awesome Post Johny, keep em coming! If you ever come to Lisbon (portugal), give me a shout, I will surely get you to some not very know places you’ll regret for ever. Cheers!

  20. I’ll add couple more – people who don’t want to deal with tropical maladies like Malaria or Dengue fever. Also, those who don’t having the shits. Bed bugs. Being cheated by the taxi drivers. Need I need to say more? 😉 Fortunately, I am yet to experience Malaria but other “gifts” (and then some) have come my way in plenty. Yet I keep on hitting the road… For me plusses outweigh the negatives, so it is all good. See you on the road!

  21. Hey Johnny, cool blog. Just did a stint in the Peace Corps last August and I’m heading over to Dublin, Ireland (Trinity College) to study for an advance degree – can’t wait to experience your homeland. I never really was “bit” by the traveling bug, but there are only a handful of countries I want to visit before I go six feet under. Keep safe in your travels.

    1. hey mate, cheers for this – trinity?! wow, awesome uni and awesome city! ill be back there at the end of the year, if u see any posts from dublin drop me a line and we’ll grab a Guinness! 🙂

  22. LOL. This is a very funny post Johnny. Sunset at Phnom Bakheng or sunrise in Angkor Wat is boring…. So yeah, one should not travel. 🙂

      1. Lol. One needs to have a twisted sense of humor to get the joke, I guess. haha.. Seriously though, travelling isn’t for everybody. But for some of us, the experiences and the lessons learned on the road are far better than stressing over work and life in general all the time. 🙂

  23. The site won’t let me reply, but no I’m seriously not trying to troll. I’m just saying I don’t need to visit somewhere terrible to appreciate what I have. I’ve seen the news, I know how awful the world is, and that’s enough to make me appreciate my life. I’m just asking what do you mean by “broadened horizons”?

    1. still trolling? 😛 Broadened horizons refer to other religions, perspectives, style of thoughts – to truly grasp that concept you need to travel so i dont think you’ll get it Aaron (no disrespect). Also, there are a lot of places with facets of their culture, ideologies and topography far superior to my (or your) home country mate.

    2. Johnny,

      I’m not up to speed on where you’ve traveled to in America but if you have ever been to Texas or met folks from Texas (they usually travel with a Texas patch on their backpacks or wear something to do with Texas as a t-shirt or belt buckle) than you know that Texans feel like they are their own country. Traveling outside Texas is like visiting a foreign country for some of them.

      (I’m clearly being sarcastic… somewhat)

      Aaron, if I may, when I was 19 and enjoying university life in Columbus, Ohio, I guarantee that I thought a little like you do now. I was young, dumb, full of cum. I saw all the great friends I had around me (many whose names I can’t remember anymore), the girls I was dating (more names I can’t remember), the parties, everything I needed within a few blocks. Within three years though, I was packing my bags and moving cross country to California. By that time, I made my first international trip- to Toronto- and fell in awe with seeing more of the world.

      You say you love pizza from Dominoes and instant ramen. Okay, why not taste pizza in the city it originated in- Naples, Italy? Or travel to Ramen Alley in Sapporo, Japan, for the best ramen you’ll ever taste. Waste of money you say? What are you going to do with all that money you saved not traveling and becoming a citizen of the world when you are dead?

      Travel isn’t just every thing that Johnny listed. Travel is about discovering your own experiences while you discover yourself. You may not want to hear this, but you’re probably not going to marry and live happily ever after with that “great girlfriend” of yours. Also, the crime on your campus is probably worse for Americans than any where else in the world where we aren’t fighting a war. In Japan where I live, crime against foreigners is almost non-existent. Do you know how many people across the world speak conversational English? You could be lounging on the beach in Boracay, Philippines or hey, even Australia, and not realize that you’re in a foreign country because all you’re hearing is English being spoken.

      Live a little, a little at a time. Something about travel sparked your curiosity or else you wouldn’t have stumbled across Johnny’s great blog here.

      1. Thanks for this fidel – great advice and a genuine perspective 🙂

        btw pizza in naples, that’s on my list for this summer now – cheers!

        1. When do you think you might be in Naples? I still am undecided about my summer or fall travel plans. Brazil is tops on the list at the moment but that could change depending on costs.

          1. hmmm not sure exactly mate, but im entering europe on april 30th and should be backpacking around the continent for about 3 months, maybe even 4 or 5! how long do u have off?

      2. Why spend that much money to go to Italy to try some “pretty good pizza” no food is worth that cost. What sparked by “interest” in visiting this is that my family is going to Costa Rica and are really trying to get me to come, and I was trying to find some really good reasons to use to argue against them other than “It sounds like the worst thing ever and I’m not going to go with you guys”. But, what do you mean “what will you do with that money you save by not traveling” I’m going to spend it on useful practical things you know rent money, bills, student loans, IE things that need to be payed, not wasted so I can do some hippie “finding myself” things.
        You mentioned that me and my girlfriend probably wont be together forever. 1) going 5 years, it’s looking good, 2)yeah so what if we don’t, how is that a strong argument, are you somehow saying that if we break up travel will suck less? You make no sense. I just can’t see how anyone would ever travel, it’s a complete waste of money, and there are few things in life more important than money.

        1. Money is in fact the least important possession you will ever hold in your hands. If you’re goal in life is to finish your degree and make loads of money, man you have it all backwards.
          You’ve been dating the same girl since you were 14- basically the time you hit puberty. You can’t picture life outside of Texas. You are a settler my friend. You’re comfortable in your own bubble and you’ll never truly know what life is until you pop that bubble. I’m not saying that as a traveler, I am saying that as a human being.
          I congratulate you for finding love so young and hoping upon all hopes that it is the only love you’ll ever know. It’s like a fairy tale. It’s beautiful. Is it me? No, but that’s the beauty of life- we are all different.
          I’m not trying to knock you down or put you down for your views. I want even blame your views on your youth because I’ve met 18 year olds during their gao years that have traveled more than I have.
          Here is what I would like you to consider. As a young person who clearly values money, I would like you to go with your family to Costa Rica. But instead of joining them while they zip line, lounge on beaches and enjoy local flavors, I want you to find an orphanage or some where that you can volunteer your time at. You’re in college after all, you should be volunteering. Meet how most of the world lives. Introduce yourself to people who would love the opportunities that you have in front of you.
          Again, I am not putting you down for your views, I simply want you to look outside yourself and see the person you think you know.

          1. I do the big brother program, and for a while I volunteered at the SPCA (had to leave the cat hair got my allergies going way to bad). What do you mean money is the least important thing? Go ask a homeless guy how his life is going? I mean yours is going great because you get to travel, but that required money. Everything in life boils down to money, it is the root of both evil and happiness. What do you mean I have college backwards? What is the point of going to college if it’s not for a good job? Why would anyone go through this kind of hell for any other reason? As far as Costa Rica goes, you just solidified my reasons to not go. Ziplining? that sounds terrible, why risk your life like that? Yes I do live in a bubble, but I’m perfectly happy in here, why do anything that could take any chance of changing the good thing I have going on?

      3. Hey, Scene with a Hart, was it really necessary to comment on “you’re not going to live happily ever after”? Like really. The world is already a depressing place – your travels should confirm this – but the one thing I don’t like is when people go for the low blow and get snarky. You travel around the world. Congrats. Who knows, maybe the poster might marry his “great girlfriend” , have a family and live happily beyond 70 yrs old and see their grand children. Remember, all the people you probably have contempt for who don’t travel as much as you do makes your traveling expeditions possible with their 9-5 jobs.

        1. hey john, thanks for weighing in. Fidel was trying to let him know that none of us necessarily understand the world until we venture out into it, i for one agree with that statement. Of course this long term traveling lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but any form of travel gives us a new, appreciative perspective. Fidel was merely advocating that, as am i.

  24. I’m the exact opposite of this article, I can not see why anyone would ever want to travel, unless where they were completely sucked. I’m 19 and in college, why would I ever spend excessive amounts of money to go somewhere “exotic”? I have a good thing going in America, a nice dorm, a great girlfriend, and like 2 good friends. It would be stupid to go anywhere else. My family is going to Costa Rica (where my family is from) for the summer and are trying to make me go too. Why the hell would I want to go to a place with no hot water, that speaks a foreign language, when I can enjoy myself here in Texas. What draw do places like France and England have? “ohh you can see the Eiffel tower” big whoop, I can look at a freaking picture. You mean to tell me you people waste all this money to go “see” things. I would also take a cup of ramen or a dominoes pizza over any of that nasty looking crap in the picture, I know for sure I like pizza, I have no clue if I’ll like that stuff, so why risk it?

      1. haha no I’m being 100% serious. I just can not understand why anyone would ever travel. I mean I have no desire to ever even leave the metropolitan area that I’m from, I’d hate to see the rest of my state much less another country. I’m not trolling or joking, I’m just saying travel seems like the worst experience one could ever have.

        1. hey aaron, i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree mate. New people, new cultures, broadened horizon, appreciation of what we have – i can’t get enough of it 🙂

          1. Can I just ask you what is the big draw? All those things sound awful, being cast into a country where you do not understand the culture or the language? Why take any chances, life could end any moment, and there is no afterlife; so why would you risk being in a place where you could be allergic to the food, or where the crime is terrible? I mean just that is enough to keep ME away, much less the whole not knowing the language or culture thing.

          2. broadened horizons and enhanced appreciation of what we have sound awful? Ahem, ok. Troll? 😛

          3. New people, new cultures, broadened horizon and appreciation of what we have all sounds boring! Ridiculous! After reading what Aaron had to say I’m moving back the UK, back to a place that is safe and much more exciting than traveling around the world! 🙂 good post JW, see you in Bangkok for a ‘few’ catch up drinks.
            PS every time you post more pictures on Facebook, of your recent travels, it makes me hate you just that little bit more!

          4. im glad aaron helped u see the light Carl, get ur ass out of Asia asap! Catch up drinks sound bloody fantastic, see ya later in the year bigman! 🙂

  25. Too funny. I’m always trying to convince my sister to travel, no luck! I even bribe here by saying I’ll lay on the beach all day! blahh. But really, I can’t understand why some people don’t have the urge to get out and explore. – I know it has changed my life!! Great post, too funny … I could really us some pho right now!

    1. hey heidi – thanks for the love 🙂 i was getting bored of top 10 lists, so i thought i’d switch it around!

  26. It hurts me!!!

    Arrrrggggggggg…….I should have traveled since i was a high school student!

    Awesome post Johnny!

  27. Lovely… i’m actually sure that people think these things (for real) or in some mad little pocket of their brain at least!

    Nice post.. (as are all the other great reads you have put up!)

  28. Brilliant mate – excellent read, very valid points & hilarious. Underlines my thoughts that I need to do more travelling… 🙂

    1. lol thanks mate. Sometimes (especially when you’re hungover!) it’s easier to rant that write – hence this post 😛

  29. Fun list. I’m not a big fan of warm weather — but other than that, agree with all of the points 🙂

    1. hey jill, to be fair i’m not one for the heat either actually. HOWEVER, we shouldn’t complain, try living in ireland when its 16-19 degrees all summer, anything is preferable to that!

  30. Excellent. You’ve confirmed my stay-at-home opinions. Travel sucks, as does the entire world 🙂 … I will remain on my sofa, with the education of lager and TV.

  31. You did NOT just diss Desperate Housewives?!? J/K…awesome post — well done my good man!

    1. sorry mate, nothing personal – and to be fair, to diss anything that features Eva Longoria is a schoolboy error, my bad!

  32. I wish I would have seen this list before I quit my job. What do I do now, beg for my 6/10 job back?

    Kidding of course, nice refreshing way of presenting.

    1. hey mike, yeah sorry about that – i hope this can inspire a whole host of would-be travelers to think twice and stay at home 😉

  33. Awesome posts Johnny! Love the biting, sarcasm of it. You hit your points well in each category.

    The biggest excuse I hear from people is that traveling costs too much or they don’t have time for it. Rubbish all of it. If you dream it, you can do it. There are so many ways to travel on a budget. So what if you have to put off buying that flat screen tv or new car. Read books, ride a bicycle! People save money all yearlong for Christmas shopping. Well why not save that money for your own present to yourself? I think when my family and friends read about my travels, see my photos and receive a postcard from some exotic place, they are more happy than when they open a present that I hope they wanted.
    And you’re right about your money being worth more depending on where you go. For less than what someone probably spends during Christmas, they could fly to Thailand or Vietnam and get clothes and gifts made for people while they enjoy an escape from the winter weather.

    Great post mate!

    1. thanks fidel – i ws fed up readin top 10 this, top 10 that so thought i’d mix it up a bit 😛 you’re absolutely right about the price difference by the way OR just forego all the pressies and take a trip with all your family and friends, that’s much better than some garish wooly jumper or a DVD boxset you’re never gonna watch! 🙂

      1. You’re absolutely right!

        I think I love inspiring my friends and family to travel as much as I enjoy traveling myself.

        It’s nice to get a message from someone telling me that my adventures have led them to discover the hidden adventurer inside them.

  34. This living abroad thing is definitely overrated!

    HA! 10 great (sarcastic) points.

    You can get a bottle of Soju here in Korea for less than $1. One of the more “effective” ways of drinking I’ve come across.

    1. soju nooooo, please don’t remind me! that stuff is lethal, still at a $1 a go – sometimes you gotta cut your coat according to your cloth, pass me a bottle then mate :S

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