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If you’re finding yourself becoming somewhat bored with the standard double room in the hotel, with the standard kettle, the standard bed, the standard view and the standard service, you may find that the idea of travelling the country itself becomes rather tedious.

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It doesn’t have to be that way, however. If you’re looking to find someplace different to overnight, we have some pretty fab solutions. Keep them in mind when you’re thinking of heading to your next UK destination; we’re sure they’ll spice things up a bit!

Winchester – Deane Lodge

This lodge is the English Ideal – the sort of house that we all wish we owned, whether consciously or not. Deane Lodge is wonderfully old fashioned, but has everything you could need from a modern sleeper.

It’s just outside the town, so it’s quiet without being too far removed, and the building is a beaut. Easily sleeping 10, it has a host of vintage toys, old-school furniture and an overall Edwardian feel.

Oxford – Malmaison Hotel

Think of a luxury hotel room. Now think of a prison cell. Not exactly congruent, are they? Well you’ll be getting both in one at the Malmaison! A 19th Century prison has been converted into this fantastically comfortable (and unusual!) hotel, fit for a king.

The rooms/cells are fitted with TVs, rainfall showers and double beds, but the metal landings are still intact. There’s even an amazing cocktail bar – it’s a far cry from its former life!

Shropshire – Coalport Station

Like trains? We hope so – this holiday accommodation is made up of a collection of converted vintage carriages! They’re all situated in the grounds of the former Coalport Station, close to Ironbridge Gorge.

The carriages are surrounded by lush greenery, and though they may look like trains from the outside, the interior is worlds away – you’ll find Jacuzzis, glossy wooden floors, big ol’ double beds and comfy leather sofas. Up to ten people can join in on the fun!

Gwynedd – Hotel Portmeirion

Portmeirion Village is a unique place to stay in itself – the Welsh answer to the Italian Riviera, the village looks like someone’s yanked Portofino from the Med and popped it down in North Wales!

The hotel itself was the first part to be opened by the village’s designer, Clough Williams-Ellis, and is now a Grade II listed building. Formerly a mansion, it is now one of the best of the North Wales hotels, sitting right on the sands! Stay in the Peacock Suite if you can – the views are ffantastig!

Suffolk – House in the Clouds

For the ultimate view, this has to be your choice. Looking like something out of the story of Rumpelstiltskin, this hotel used to be a water tower, but is now a 5-bedroom vertical house, mixing up double and twin rooms.

Right at the peak is the games room, with the best views of the area as well as a pool table and a tennis table, just in case you get tired of looking out upon the world! 


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  1. This is a good list indeed, however I would not hesitate to add Panfield House (in Braintree) as it is is a really good place to visit! I found it to be very accommodating and the staff were lovely 🙂

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