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6 Side Hustles You Can Start From Home With The Laptop

Are you wondering what you can do with your free time while at home, or are you a stay home parent looking for a job that you can handle while still taking care of your little ones? With the recent technological advances, this has also led to the development of various online opportunities for people all around the globe. These jobs do not require too much time and resources to start, and can also be done by most people.

Here are six of the best side hustles that you can do at home with a laptop:

1. Online sales

Almost 90 percent of people prefer to buy their commodities such as clothes, beauty products, and other accessories online. This is because the online marketing platforms provide varieties of these commodities and it is easy to communicate with the seller using the same platforms. Therefore, if you are planning to venture into a business that deals with a particular category of goods, you can sell the products online during your free time. The platforms you can use for marketing goods online include: Facebook, Instagram, SEO, and many others.

All you will need to do is take clear shots of the items you are selling, give concrete and accurate information about the products too. Also, it is essential to include all your contacts and if possible your physical address. Online sales do not only comprise the sales of new items alone, but you can also sell the old stuff that you no longer need. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

2. Write e-books

If you have a passion for writing or you want to express yourself by sharing various life issues, then e-book is the right part-time hustle for you. This is one way of reaching many people without even spending too much money. Ebooks do not require you to print any copies since all you need is to supply your written pieces to customers through emails. These books have sold well because some people do not get time to go to the library to buy books for reading. Other people prefer to buy the online books because they are cheaper as opposed to the physical book.

Just make sure to write something that has beneficial information to the readers and set up prices which are affordable. You can sell the books on various social media platforms such as the Facebook or even the twitter and Instagram.

3. Phone call customer care services

Although there are so many ways that a company or a marketer can communicate with the clients, some companies still utilize the traditional methods of communicating which are the phone calls. Also, some customers prefer to call in the office to have a close talk with the customer care in case of an inquiry. Such jobs can be done from anywhere since all you need is have the right information about the company and useful gadgets that can record the voices too.

Even if you don’t get hired permanently, this is an excellent opportunity that you can use to earn a few more dollars since the companies usually pay well for such services. Sign up a contract with the company and agree on the times that you will be making the calls on their behalf.

4. Selling leftovers

Some people do not get time to prepare their lunch to carry to work or get time to go for lunch due to the workload they have in the offices, and this is where you come in. If you prepare more food for your family, you can share the meals with such people and in return get some money out of it. Just take clear pictures of the food and post various online websites that sell the leftovers. Then, if someone likes your food at your location, they will give you a call or just come to pick it themselves. Search for other websites that provide home business reviews to get ideas of other businesses that you can combine with this one.

5. Surveys

This is another reputable job that you can comfortably do in the comfort of your home during your free times. In most cases, such positions are offered by big companies as a way of investigating how people are reacting to their products. For example, if a company launches a phone or a gadget, they will hire you to carry out a survey from various websites and give them feedback regarding how people are talking about the new devices. Other companies pay people to provide their options regarding the same products.

Although they do not pay a lot, the services create opportunities for people to earn extra money. The more you participate in the surveys, the more chances you have of gaining. So, register with several companies to offer the services.

6. Academic writing

If you have good command in written English and have the educational background, then this is a great hustle that can do in the comfort of your home. Some students, mainly those in colleges, look for academic writers to hire to do their assignments and other academic projects. Also, some companies provide these services, and they also have websites where the students can reach them and order for the services. Look for such companies and apply for a job to work with them or you could start your website.

Use other platforms such as Facebook to market the services. Or, you could talk to the students who live around you and ask them if they need your writing services. This job can be done from home as long as you have a computer that is connected to fast internet. You can do two projects at night or in the morning before you head to work.

Most people are looking for side hustles as a way of earning extra money to the foot for their bills. If you had no idea of what you can do to make some money on the side, consider the above-discussed side hustle that is suitable for anyone. They are flexible, and therefore they do not prohibit you from doing your chores or from going to work.

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