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Whether it’s travel related or not, everyone has got a bucket list. If you don’t have one, it’s time to create one. A documented list containing a person’s deepest dreams and aspirations in life, a bucket list is a great way of setting targets and goals to reach and work towards.

For me personally, and I think you’ll agree, I think that Europe is a continent that’s full of opportunity when it comes to possible bucket list ideas. Full of culture and possibilities for adventure, it’s no surprise that countries like Italy, Sweden, Austria and Germany are on many a list.

Having already visited almost every country in Europe, the following are just some of my top picks when it comes to attractions and places that are bucket list worthy.

  1. See the Northern Lights in Sweden

Aurora Borealis tops bucket lists the world over. Normally occurring in the winter months, the northern lights can sometimes be seen as early as September and as late in the year as March. Cold, clear and cloudless nights present the most ideal opportunity to see this spectacle in its fully glory. For the best views, get out of the city and get yourself a cabin in the countryside. The lights can be seen from the majority of places in Swedish Lapland, including Jukkasjärvi, Abisko National Park and the Torne Valley.

  1. Go to the Opera in Vienna, Austria

Although it won’t give you the same adrenaline rush that jumping out of a plane would, when in Vienna, try a classical concert. Whether you’re a lover of classical music or not, a cultured night out at the opera in this beautiful city will not disappoint. Approximately 10, 000 music fans are treated to a spectacular exhibition of live classical music every single night in Vienna, which is something that’s unheard of in any other city in the world.

  1. Take a Gondola ride around Venice, Italy

Taking a gondola through the romantic Venetian canals is a dream for many, and has always been a popular bucket-list entry. The fee for taking this ride is officially determined so be prepared for this experience to be a little costly (fees are for up to six people so budget-conscious travellers may wish to share).

  1. Attend La Tomatina Festival in Valencia, Spain

What’s deemed to be the biggest and most explosive food fight in the world, La Tomatina Festival takes place on the last Wednesday in August each year in Valencia. Get there early as the festivities usually start around 10am with the official battle commencing at approximately 11am. Lasting just one hour, this free-for-all tomato fight is estimated to use a whopping 40 metric tons of vegetables so arrive prepared!

  1. Experience the Craziness of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Taking place over 16 days, this world famous festival has a fascinating history and is a beer-fest like no other. Oktoberfest is best celebrated in the Bavarian capital of Munich and all beer that’s served at the event must be brewed within its city limits and have a minimum of 6% alcohol. Grab a Tirolerhüte (traditional hat made from goat hair) and enjoy the beer, music and the funfair rides that make this festival a definite must-do bucket list item.

Europe is bursting with opportunities for awesome and once in a lifetime experiences, five of which are mentioned above. What does your bucket list look like? Have you got any of the places/attractions that are mentioned above on it?


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5 thoughts on “Bucket List Ideas for Europe

  1. This is a great list. I personally think the gondola rides are overrated in Venice and they aren’t even how the locals travel. But just like Sara said, there are hundreds more that could be added. My personal favorites just in Italy were Cinque Terre, the basilica in Florence and the beauty of Verona. Don’t forget the Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, the Merry Cemetery in Romania and the Festival of Ghent. And the most important items for a bucket list are the food. BTW, I’m debating where to see the northern lights this year. I was planning on Iceland, but you recommended Sweden. I wonder which is better.

  2. Except for number 4, all of these are also on my list.
    And as Sara said: I could easily add waaay more to that list! 🙁

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