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Can I Gamble Online While Travelling Abroad?

Accessibility to betting is something that many people now take for granted. We no longer have to go out of the house to visit a betting shop, you can simple place your bets from home. With a mobile device you don’t even have to be at home, you can place a bet through that no matter where you are. However, what about betting online while you are abroad? Can you do this, and how difficult is it to get a wager on with your bookmaker? We find out here. 

It is important to note that bookmaker rules and regulations state that they can only accept bets from a country where they have a license for online players. For example, to use a bookmaker in Spain, you will need to find one that has a license for, and accepts, Spanish players, and in many cases you will also need to prove you are Spanish yourself which stops this way working for many players.

This means depending on the bookmaker you have and the country you are in, you may or may not be able to use your bookmaker to place bets while abroad. It can be difficult to find this information out, and if you want a proper plan in place that you are confident will work then you will have to look at this from another angle. This is by using a VPN. When you have one of these in place, you can set the country that your mobile internet is based in, so your bookmaker will see your internet connection as one in the UK, despite the fact you are potentially thousands of miles away in a different country. When doing this, they will accept bets off you as normal, just as though you were in your own country in the comfort of your living room. 

If you know you are going to be going abroad and you want to give yourself the best chance of being able to place bets then opening a new account with a bookmaker that has a good reputation for working abroad may be the best bet. The bookmakers at will be able to offer you varying degrees of service then it comes to betting online abroad and with the help of betting guides when travelling, you should be able to find a good bookmaker that can take a bet off you both when you are at home and when you are abroad. 

Having a bookmaker, you can rely on while away from home will make your time away less stressful. With sport taking place throughout the year it doesn’t matter if you are travelling during the height of summer, or planning a winter break, you know something will be happening at home while you are gone. The right bookmaker will be able to deliver all of this to you, and if you choose the right service or use a VPN then you will be able to access their website both at home and abroad. 


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