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 Another great day trip from Bangkok is the much-fabled floating market. Bangkok attracts tens of thousands of backpackers every day but few make the effort to visit this cool site.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Found west of Bangkok, Thailand’s most famous floating market is around 100km from the city. To get here you have to take either the bus or a taxi:

BUS: From the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, buses leave every 30 mins from 6.00am. The journey takes around 2 hours and costs 50 baht (less than $2)

TAXI: They won’t go on the meter so you have to use your bartering skills to full effect! Expect to pay around 700 Baht for the return trip, they’ll pick you up from your accommodation around 7am, drive to the market (about 90 mins) wait for 2 hours or so and drive you back at lunchtime.  

SCAMS: When you arrive in Damnoen Saduak people will try to lure you into their boat jettys. You can take a long boat around the canals, the trip finally gets you to the market for the last 10 minutes of the hour–long journey. The cost of the boat is approximately 800 baht per person or 1500 baht per boat – and to be perfectly honest, it’s a cheap scam.

Bangkok floating market

It’s much better to get the bus or taxi directly to the market, walk around and if you’re still keen to get on a boat, rent a paddle boat at the market for 100 baht or so – no touristy gimmicks and much cheaper!

The market itself is great, everything you’d expect it to be. Endless long boats hawking various fruit, veg and trinkets. Old ladies with a basket on the end of a long wooden stick to take your money and pass you your purchases. It’s a fun day trip with loads of awesome photo opportunities – so get yourself out of bed, dust off the Bangkok hangover and get over the floating markey – you won’t regret it. Happy Travels!


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15 thoughts on “Damnoen Saduak Floating Market – Day Trip From Bangkok

  1. This is great info thank you! I leave in 2 days and cab wait to check out the floating market. For some reason I thought it was only a Saturday market. Seems like it’s 7 days a week? Is that correct?

  2. hello jonny
    plz vizite our country. my countri name is Bangladesh. it’s most butefull country in world thanks

  3. So nice pictures at the floating market!! I’m doin g some tours in Thailand and it would be amazing if I could use these pictures? Is it ok for you? Please let me know!:)

  4. Hi men decent site. I have a question I want you men the experts to help me with. I am a bit of a novice in Thailand and next week I’ll make my very first journey here, looking forward to it! ‘i’ll be staying in Pattaya and have an interest to know any good pubs that you could highly recommend for me. p.s I am not expecting to waste plenty of dough 🙂 Thank you all.

  5. Hi Johnny
    I went to the market last year in December.i
    Was disappointed,there were no long boats only few paddled ones but the water was quite dirty with no market at the canal.walking side was active but no market on water.

  6. hello Johnny,
    most guided tour includes whole day activity,we only wanted to visit this floating market and ride the elephant after. are these 2 close to each other? or is there a bus/transpo straight from the market to the elephant ride? thanks

    1. you could do it just with a taxi Karen, that’d be my advice. Rent him for the day, it’ll probably be cheaper too 🙂

  7. Hi Johnny,

    do you happen to know how to get from the Damnoen floating market to the Amphawa evening floating market – other than taxi or private car.

  8. Hello Johnny,
    I love your second picture, which I want to use in a restaurant. Is there a way to get this picture? 🙂

    Best regards

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