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Do you grow restless sitting at the jetty waiting for the fish to bite? Maybe you are in need of something a bit more adventurous that gets the adrenaline pumping and gives your competitiveness a challenge. Whether you are set on reeling in the big one or simply want to enjoy a day of fun-filled fishing adventures, game fishing is the activity you are looking for!

game fishing

Game fishing has become an extremely popular sport and it is no secret the Great Barrier Reef outside of Queensland’s coast offers some of the world’s most spectacular fishing experiences. The reef houses a vast abundance of tropical marine life and the area is home to more than 1, 500 species of fish. To make sure it is kept this way, a primarily catch-and-release policy is practiced by most recreational fishermen.


So, what are you waiting for? Jump aboard one of the custom-built fishing vessels and let the experienced guides take you out to their secret fishing spots and give you all the tips you need to reel in that fish of a lifetime.


Once the fish start biting, chances are your competitive instinct kicks in. But before you start throwing out bets and challenges to your friends or newfound acquaintances onboard the boat, make sure you read up on the rules and regulations for game fishing to ensure yourselves of a fair game. And, even if “photos last longer than fillets” is a common expression on the boats, the guides usually let you keep some of your catch that will later be cooked into a delicious gourmet meal by one of the local chefs.


Regardless of whether you are a serious fishing enthusiast or if you are a complete beginner at recreational fishing, a day of game fishing at the Great Barrier Reef will definitely be a memory you will never forget. Although the range of tours available usually depends on the season, tide and weather conditions, you can be sure you will find a tour and a guide that fit your needs. Also, if you are one of those stubborn souls who will not give up on catching the big one until the day is over, do not be surprised if you find yourself gasping in awe into one of those breathtaking sunsets you can only find in Australia.


Lastly, after a long day out on the sea, what could be more sought for than a soothing massage and relaxing hot tub session? At the luxury accommodations offered by Bloomfield Lodge you have access to all of that and more. Closer to paradise than this is hard to get.



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