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Some people hesitate to visit Canada because there is a perception that Canada is a hellish Winter graveyard. First things first, there are several parts of Canada where snow straight up does not fall. Places like Southern British Columbia, like Vancouver and Victoria, are remarkably temperate. Ditto for deep Southwestern Ontario where snow is rare. Many other areas have very tolerable Winters. But, with that said, there is always a chance that during your trip you could encounter some messy weather. To find ways to combat the Winter cold I spoke with FlightHub, a Canadian online travel agency. They have seen it all when it comes to inclement weather and had some tips for those who are new to Canadian Winters.


A Serious Winter Jacket and Dressing In Layers

Don’t be cheap, get a good Winter jacket. That means it’ll probably be big and ugly, but it will keep you super toasty even if the temperature drops dangerously low. Underneath that jacket you’ll want to dress in layers according to FlightHub’s review. That means t-shirt, sweater, and maybe another sweater up top, and long underwear below your pants. Thermal socks are also mandatory. But why layers? Because you don’t want to be stuck indoors with all these clothes, but you also don’t want to freeze outside. Wear layers, have options. Don’t wear layers, freeze. Easy choice.


Driving? Have A Car Kit

The worst feeling you can have is the one you’ll get when your car gets stuck in the snow. First things first, FlightHub says you should of had snow tires. They are often required by law depending on which province you are in. Regardless, you can still get stuck. Before you go out you should also have a well stocked trunk. This includes a shovel, salt, and sand. The shovel can be used to dig out around your tires, while the salt and sand can be used to both melt the snow or ice blocking you and provide traction to get you out.


What To Do In An Emergency

So, you have gotten catastrophically wet in cold temperatures. What do you do? First things first, get indoors as fast as possible. Your place, your neighbours place, a car. Doesn’t matter, get there. Next, remove all of your wet clothes. Leaving them on will only impede the process of warming up. Lastly, do not over do it. Don’t get into a sauna or hot shower, warm up slowly. Warming up[ to fast can do even more damage. More often then not you will be okay, but if you feel any lingering effects, get to a hospital.


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