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Whilst there’s plenty to keep you entertained in London this year, the heart will never truly beat as fast as with these activities aimed at adrenaline junkies. Whether you’re looking for a lesson in fitness or a memorable one off, there are plenty of ways to come together in activity during your stay in the city. What with a range of activities which cater to all ages, these events are some of the best fun you can have a city, not just in the city but in the world. Being pampered in the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel is one thing, but getting down and dirty with some of London’s most niche sports is the key to a varied and exciting experience in the city.

Lee Valley rapids

Though London is surrounded by water, white water rapids aren’t exactly the first thing you’d think of in the city. With Lee Valley being the spot for the 2012 Olympic Games, the park is now open to a range of activities including hydrospeeding and obstacle courses, a total wipe out style one being of note. Most importantly, fans of kayaking will get a chance to swim where the pros did, the challenging courses keeping you on your soggy toes.

Stoke Newington Climbing Castle

Heralded as one of Europe’s best climbing centres, The Castle is housed in an old pump house in Stoke Newington. With a boulder park and 13-metre-high climbing walls, the centre houses a whopping 450 climbing routes as well as an ever changing 80. You’ll never get bored at the climbing centre in Stoke Newington, whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned pro.

Abseil at ArcelorMittal Orbit

The ArcelorMittal Orbit is the DNA-like structure which housed the control tower for the Olympic Games in 2012. Although the games are now over, the facilities are still in use. One activity on the Olympic games site includes the use of this tower as an abseiling structure. On top of the amazing views you can see from the top of the tower, the ArcelorMittal Orbit allows users to have an exciting and safe abseiling experience. Check out the views from one of London’s tallest structures and brace yourself for a giddy experience!

Get stuck in at the Covent Garden Ice Wall

Vertical Chill is the name of the huge ice wall located in Covent Garden. Use traditional ice picks to see if you can climb the amazing wall in minus 5 to minus 12-degree Celsius temperatures. Here you can find a range of difficulties on this 8-metre ice wall. Can you handle the cold?

Have a ball at Bunker 51

Looking for a great office team building exercise? Or maybe a great way to spend a stag do? If you’re looking for some hard-hitting fun and see yourself as an urban soldier, then the paintballing arenas at Bunker 51 in Greenwich is the place for you. Built in a decommissioned nuclear bunker, the range of courses are truly heart pounding.


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