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Goodbyes are always the hardest. Whether you’re a constant traveller, or simply visiting friends or family abroad, the moment that the trip comes to an end is when we start to think: what do I actually remember from this holiday?

Memories can be hazy at the best of times. We get older, we get a little drunk, or we’re just so busy that it can be hard to recall what happened five minutes ago. Luckily however, it’s 2015 and technology has given us many amazing ways to help us reminisce on our most recent and crazy ventures.

Straight out of left-field is a more unique offering, and that’s audio. If you don’t know already, podcasts are totally in right now. Shows such as This American Life and Serial are going mainstream, yet it’s podcasts like Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! that more encapsulate the feeling of travel and adventure. Betty is a flight attendant who records fun stories from her trips and other people in the aviation industry.

This could be something you could apply to your own journeys, such as talking to other travellers while recording on your phone, for example. It could start off as a fun experiment to begin with, simply collating amusing stories from people on the road, yet you can always increase your visibility with your own website if things get serious.

As most travellers are aware, journeys can sometimes be a little rugged and rough, so best to get a camera that matches your spirit of adventure. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS6 is surrounded by a shockproof and waterproof case (as deep as 43 feet) and can withstand hot desert sands, or the even the biting cold (as low as -14 degrees Celsius). The Lumix DMC-TS6 can record 16.1 megapixel photos and HD quality video, meaning that you’ve got proof that you actually went swimming with sharks or climbed treacherous mountains. Even better, the camera won’t set you back more than $300 from most online retailers.

Though it will require more talent and time, the work of Cherngzhi Lian is a fantastic example of remembering a trip in one single moment. The artist sketches on all types of transportation, hotels, beaches, and anywhere in between, with his finished drawings individually capturing his voyages around the world.

Cherngzhi says: “I travel to distance myself from the anxieties of my own familiar landscape. New surroundings and cultures allow me to lose myself and to be immersed with the moment. My sketchbook is my most reliable companion during travels; sketching allows me to transcend to ‘another place’ and internalizes my experiences.” He is currently working on publishing a book with his travel and commute sketches, which can be seen on this page.


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