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My readers who are based in Europe will know all about Greece’s financial problems, they’re debt, their bankrupt banks, their loans from the rest of the world and their potential expulsion from the Eurozone, for my North American readers that may be news to you, but it’s a pretty serious situation.

santorini greece

There have been lots of protests, thousands of column inches, and much too much negative press. But despite all this, it’s not time to avoid Greece, not by a long shot.


The tourist industry is struggling, so imagine a scenario where you go to a country and they genuinely appreciate your contribution, they’re not just squeezing every euro from your wallet but they’re grateful for your presence. By all accounts, that’s the situation right now.


The issues affecting the government won’t affect backpackers, aside from maybe a strike here and there. The Greeks are famously warm, open and generous and now more than ever.

greece athens

Remember tourism plays a huge part in Greece’s economy (almost 20%), so not only can you explore everything this awesome country has to offer, you can also sleep soundly knowing you contributed to an economy in need.


Also, for anyone outside the Eurozone, your currency is likely to be strong against the euro now, so that’s more bang for your buck, which in backpacking terms means longer, further travel – who can say no to that?!


All-in-all, the crisis is certainly not dissuading me from going to Greece, if anything it’s encouraging me. Happy travels!



This post was written after reading the views of Noel Josephides on the Sunvil blog


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