Indoor SkyDiving in Sydney, Australia

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2020: I’ve been skydiving in Australia and New Zealand before (awesome, but terrifying).  I also accompanied my awesome, crazy mum to skydive for her 65th birthday in Ireland. But skydiving takes time to organise, it costs quite a bit and some people just don’t fancy jumping out of a moving aeroplane at 18, 000 feet. Pretty reasonable fear to be fair! But Sydney indoor skydiving? No training, you can book online, and it’s a fraction of the price of an outdoor skydive. I knew I wanted to do it when I visited Sydney. 

With that in mind, I was coming back to Australia for a few days and I wanted to do something cool, easy to organise and super fun with some of my best friends there. Of course, I’d check out the normals sights in Sydney. But I also wanted a new experience. And something that wouldn’t break the bank either. Sydney is one of my favourite cities in the world, but having lived there, I thought I had done all the ‘tourist’ stuff, but I was wrong and as soon as I heard about Indoor Skydiving, I was booked up and off we went.

TOP-TIP: Book online, make sure it’s not sold out, and pay a cheaper price than at the counter HERE


Where is Sydney Indoor Skydiving?

It’s not super central in Sydney, but it is easy to access. It’s West of the city, so you have to take the local train.

We hopped on a train from Bondi Junction (or anywhere in Sydney), and headed over to Penrith station. That took about 45 minutes or so, and then from there, it’s about a 10minute walk.

Sydney Indoor Skydiving; My Experience

Once we turned up, I had no idea at all what to expect. But as soon as you go to check-in, you see the whole event right in front of you. A huge glass tube in the middle of the building, with people already indoor skydiving right in front of you, so cool.

We checked in, signed our lives away, had a quick smoothie to settle the nerves at the cafe inside whilst watching some pros somersaulting inside the glass tube, and pysched ourselves up for a very awesome new experience.

You go through to a small room for a quick briefing, a few hand signals, pull on your jumpsuits and then you’re good to go within 10 mins!

You all line up in a little corridor alongside the wind tunnel and then depending on which package you bought you get either 2 sets of 2 minutes (this is what I did), or 2 sets of 1 minute. The cheaper version starts at $89, pretty cheap by Sydney standards!

Sydney indoor skydiviing
As soon as you walk into check-in, you’re greeted with this huge central tube
indoor skydiving sydney australia
Ready to go!

How much does it cost to go to Sydney Indoor Skydiving?

If you book online in advance HERE, it’s about $80USD. 

How does indoor skydiving in Sydney actually work?

It’s basically a huge glass wind tunnel, with massive fans in the basement shooting air up through the tunnel, so then it allows you to simulate skydiving and you can ‘fly’ within the tube. The most subtle movements of your arms and legs turn you around, lift you higher, lower etc, and if you’re confident it’s possible to go all the way up to the top of the tube, about 30 feet or so, scary stuff!

You have an instructor in the tube with you always. Although they don’t ‘fly’ alongside you, they hover around giving you signals how to improve your technique. They also make sure you don’t crash. Although the floor is a spring mesh net, so falling is no problem anyway, it’s soft. Soon, you grasp the concept and you’re floating in mid-air. Youll be rising and falling, spinning and turning, it’s really so much fun. And you have a lot more control than real sky-diving because there is no danger involved. So you have time and space to think about your body shape.

Indoor Skydiving sydney
Indoor Skydiving sydney; Ifly in Sydney

Final thoughts on going indoor skydiving in Sydney

First of all, all ages can do it, as young as 3. So it’s awesome for families, or groups of guys who refuse to grow up (yup, that was us!). When you finish, you can pay extra to get a whole video of you all your escapades (well worth it, $30 or so), which is how I have the video of me at the top. Well worth the investment.

Personally, I loved my time at Sydney indoor skydiving. I love to try new things and this was something super fun, definitely recommend it for anyone in Sydney and you’re thinking about fun stuff to do – perfect solution. Enjoy!

Sydney indoor skydiving
Sydney indoor skydiving

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