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Choosing a port to cruise in and out of is a bigger decision than you may think; it is your first and last impression, and it can make or break your trip. Figuring out where to stay, where to park, how to get to the cruise terminal, and what to do before and after your cruise can be a daunting task. However, Long Beach is impressive. The city offers plenty to do before and after the cruise and several affordable hotels near the attractions. So book your cruise, find a room at a great location via, and discover everything Long Beach offers cruisers.

Getting Here

Deciding how to get to Long Beach is quite simple; are you going to drive or fly? Air travelers may want to fly directly into Long Beach Airport because it is closer, but it may be wiser to fly into Los Angeles International Airport as flights can cost less. However, cruise lines offer transportation from both of these airports which allows you to shop around for the best deal. Take a look at your options on Hipmunk, which Forbes praises as the “world’s best travel site, ” and find a flight that meets your needs.

For travelers who can drive to Long Beach, you have it made. Not only are you in a position to take advantage of last-minute cruise deals, but there are also fantastic stay and park packages for cruisers. Additionally, drivers are not usually as rushed as air travelers, and they can spend more time enjoying the city.

Stay and Park

Transportation to and from the port is always a concern for cruisers. For those who traveled by car, there is a question: Where do you park? For $15 per day, you can park your cars at the port authority parking lot. However, if you plan on staying the night at a hotel, consider a hotel that offers a stay and park package.  The Best Western of Long Beach offers a deal which includes one night stay, free breakfast, a shuttle ride to the port, and parking for your vehicle at a reasonable price.

Before and After: Things to Do

Some cruisers are all about relaxing before and after the trip, and others have no desire to lounge around; they would rather get out and explore. From the ocean to the city, Long Beach is a fantastic city to explore. Depending on how much time you have, a good place to start is at the waterfront where visitors are attracted to the many shops and restaurants. If you have children with you, then the shark exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific will be a huge hit.

Another great option for both entertainment and a convenient place to stay is the Queen Mary. This historic ship has been converted into a fantastic museum as well as a hotel. Why not start your cruising adventure on a historic ship?

Please share this post with others who want to travel, especially those who love to cruise! Add your thoughts and other tips below if you have been to Long Beach.

Author Bio: Carrie Dahle is a multi-talented writer living no place in particular. Why? Because she is too busy traveling. Her travels have included bike rides down volcanoes, maneuvering the waves of Hawaii, sailing the seas of the Caribbean, and so much more. While Carrie has spent countless hours in copywriting and producing website content, she has transformed herself into a fantastic travel writer.




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