Bucket List Ideas

Making a million dollars online, working for myself, traveling to every country in the world, being a pro-blogger, giving something back to my mum and a million other quirky travel things have all been on my bucket list for years, and I’ve almost completed the lot, so now it’s time for some new Bucket List Ideas. I’m a huge believer in lists, and in my opinion, making them on ur phone or iPad doesn’t count! Physically writing stuff down and sticking it on your wall so you’re forced to live with your ambitions every day the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richerI’m hoping to finish my trip to every country in the world early next year, so I’ve been thinking about some epic trips to add to my bucket list, I thought maybe some of you guys could use it for inspiration too, would you like to do these things, or they a little too crazy?


1) Learning to Ski!

I know, I know it’s crazy that I’ve never done it. Ever since smashing my knee up in a tuk-tuk/motorbike crash in Thailand, I’ve been worried about how it would fare on the slopes. But fear isn’t getting me anywhere so it’s time to finally see what everyone goes so crazy for. Skiing seems to be a way of life for so many of my family and friends, they absolutely loving it, and I’m missing out, so it’s time to put that right.

So I’ve been researching where to go skiing, and how to go about that tricky early learning curve, and I’m keen to try it somewhere pretty special. Through my brand ambassadorship with momondo and their cheap flight engine, after chatting about skiing they sent me through their new page ALL about skiing, and it’s AMAZING.

Check out momondo’s ski holiday guide, it has EVERYTHING you need to know for a cool ski trip!

It’s been pretty perfect for me. Showing me where to ski on a budget, where to ski as a first timer, where to get a little luxury, where to ski where you can find some cool culture off the slopes – amazing. While I’m tempted to check out the main spots in the alps, after checking out their page how much cooler would it be to go skiing in Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia or Bosnia?! Looks like it’s a fraction of the price and a far more interesting experience to tell my grandkids about too. Perfect. Check out some of these pics I got from using the momondo piece then going on a research binge!

popova sapka
popova sapka
jahorina bosnia
jahorina bosnia
Czech Republic!
Czech Republic!
spindleruv mlyn
Czech Republic!

2) Stay in an ice hotel

This has been on my mind for ages! My last country on my journey to every country in the world is going to be Norway, and if I’m fortunate enough to get my visas sorted out for Saudi Arabia and Yemen sooner rather than later, that means I’ll be going to Norway around March next year, it’ll be freezing which is perfect conditions to FINALLY check out an ice hotel.

These hotels are something pretty special, basically the owners start construction just as the temperature consistently drops below 0 degrees, across Northern Scandanavia that’s often around November. From there, each year, they build these hotels entirely from snow and ice. Ice beds, ice bars, ice walls. Amazing. Of course they don’t come cheap, but for 1 or 2 nights, it’d be worth it.

Bucket List Ideas ice hotel
Bucket List Ideas…

ice hotel norway

3) Around the world in 80 days, with no flights!

Ever read “Around the world in 80 days” by Jules Verne? The guys go around the globe in a hot air balloon, no airplanes involved. Also, a friend of mine traveled around the whole world with no flights over 4 years too so I’ve decided I want to combine those two things, and raise awareness money for Parkinson’s, a condition my mum is living with. So Im going to travel around the world, with no flights, in 80 days. How cool would that be?! Cargo boats, trains, buses, camels, whatever but no airplanes. 2017 get ready!

The (Very vague!) plan is to start and finish in London. From London through Europe by train (Paris, Rome, Munich etc), then either across ‘the Stans’ (Uzbekistan, Pakistan etc) OR take the trans siberian train all the way in to China, from there it’s a cargo boat from Japan or Korea to the US or Central America. Grey hounds across the states, then hit on a cruise or another cargo ship to get back to Europe. Boom!

travel by cargo ship
Bucket list ideas…

4) Cycle across the USA

There’s nothing quite like a physical challenge, and whilst I have absolutely no cycling experience, or long distance exercise experience, I can imagine the feeling of accomplishment from powering yourself a huge distance must be amazing.

So I’m thinking a warm run the length of the UK, from John O’Groats to Land’s End, all 1400km of it over 2 weeks, with the BIG plan to cycle from LA to New York, the whole way across the USA, 4000km!

It would be a brilliant feeling to look at the US on a map, or on TV, or movies for the rest of your life to think you traversed the whole thing on a bicycle. It would take 3 or 4 months, so it’d be tough, but raising money for charity and doing it with a group of cool people would all be a truly momentus experience.

The potential route…. (wow, that looks far!)


5) Spend a month in Algeria

North Africa and the Middle East are my favourite regions to travel in the world, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity through my blog and social media, to show a Western audience how friendly this part of the world is.

I visited Algeria during Ramadan last year, then again recently to speak at a conference, and it was the most humble I’ve ever felt. The Algerian people just took my breath away with their hospitality, their humility, their generosity and their cooking skills! A country which has so little tourism, has so much to offer, and I want to go back and showcase their beautiful country, with their beautiful people, to the world.

More than that, the reason I love these regions is because I feel that people of Islamic faith seem to be so super helpful and friendly when I travel, so in a time of turmoil in the world (Donald Trump, Brexit, French far right etc), I really would love to explore all Algeria has to offer to tourists BUT only stay with local people as a guest in their house, using the hashtag #therealIslam or something similar. There’s too much misinformation spread about this part of the world, when the reality is so so different. It’s amazing, and I want the world to know, so I’ll be going back to Algeria as soon as possible!

travel to algeria
Breaking fast during Ramadan

travel to algeria travel to algeria travel to algeria

I plan to write a huuuuuge bucket list when I finish my life goal of every country in the world, but these 5 are on my mind every day of the week. I’d love to know what you guys think about my Bucket List Ideas, would you want to join me on any of these? Would you like to do anything similar yourself? It gets me so excited to hit the open road again, I’m off to do some travel research! See you on the road.

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