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When buying a holiday home there are a lot of aspects to consider. It is fantastic if you know you will use it and make the most of having a holiday home. When you buy a holiday property, you have another place to call home which will bring a lot of new memories. You also have unlimited access, so if you fancy a spontaneous week away, you can go. You can also rent your home out to others to make a bit of extra money. In peak season you could be charging hundreds or even thousands for a week. When you have a holiday home, you need to keep it in good condition just in case you ever want to sell it on. Here are some good tips on renovating your holiday home…

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You can renovate your holiday home to add more value therefor helping your home stand out from the rest. Meaning you can ask for more money if renting it out, you will also attract more guests. Depending on your budget and time you will need to choose the right renovations for your property.

Before you start the renovation, you must plan exactly what you want and need. You will need to plan your budget and the time you have to get all the renovating done. You should also take time to plan and research the tradesmen you need, and get quotes from a few different workers. You must also work out how much more your property would be worth after the renovations because there is no point doing the work if it will add no value. Use professionals who may be more expensive but they will be worth it because you can guarantee quality work. It is also an idea to check if they have Tradesman Liability Insurance.

It is also very worth planning your money because you don’t want to spend over budget and then realise you can’t do it. There are normally extra costs that you don’t know about so aim for under your budget so you have a bit of flexibility.

In holiday homes, people generally love space and an open room with a lot of natural light. Also, the more rooms you have for people to sleep, the better, you can therefor charge more because there are more people staying there. Adding space will instantly add value so if you have the budget, add an extra bedroom.  Remember, if your renovation does include an extension, you must check the planning permissions.

Adding a splash of colour to your holiday home will bring it to life. Cushions, lamps, art work or throws will add some character. Make sure to put in lots of mirrors because they can make a room look a lot bigger.

If you don’t have a proper air con unit, then get one. No one wants to go on holiday and be just as hot inside, as they are outside. They cost a lot of money to fit and to maintain but they are well worth it.

When renovating your holiday home, quality is key. You need to invest your money as best as you can because you don’t want to end up wasting your money on things you don’t need. Some very important things you need to take into account are the pillows, mattresses and linen. People don’t want to go from a nice bed at home, to a horrible bed on holiday so you may want to spend quite a bit of money on these. Modern technology is also a plus, for example Wi-Fi, Smart TVs or Speakers. These kinds of technologies will boost the value of your home and people almost expect them when they go abroad, Especially Wi-Fi.


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