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Bangkok is an international metropolis full of shopping malls, movie theatres and starbucks but a common complaint about BKK is that there simply isn’t that much to do there. Well, if you find yourself with a day to spare make your way over to Siam Park City – Bangkok’s (and Thailand’s) best theme park.

Siam Park City Bangkok

There are actually 2 theme parks in outer Bangkok, DreamWorld seems to get all the plaudits but wrongly so. Their rides are substandard and I’ve had more excitement doing my groceries on a Tuesday night in England than throughout my time at DreamWorld, so stay clear and instead head to Siam Park City.

Vortex at Siam Park City
Vortex – Thailand’s biggest rollercoaster!

The best way to get to Siam Park City is, without doubt, via taxi. From BKK city centre the taxi will cost around 150 baht ($5 USD) and from Khao San road, around 240 Baht ($8 USD), not too much especially if you’re sharing taxi costs. The journey should be an hour or less.

Log flume at Siam Park City
The Log flume’s big drop


The ticket prices vary a lot but a day pass, whereby you purchase the ticket and then don’t have to pay to go on individual rides start at 450 Baht on promotion with ID stating you are under 25, then it ranges up to a maximum of 900 baht per adult ($30 USD) although it’s rare that they have no promotion applicable to you. Expect to pay around 600 baht ($20 USD) for the full day price

Boomerang at Siam Park City
The Boomerang, complete with 2 loops!

Is Siam Park City good though!? I’m a sucker for a good theme park – Alton Towers and Thorpe Park in the UK, Hershey park and Dorney Park in the US – I can’t get enough so my expectations were high. I’d say remember that this is not a western theme park, it’s a little rough around the edges with the general housekeeping being a bit lax and the grounds are pretty small, so the rides are bunched very close together. That being said the actual rides are great, and are comparable to what you’ll be used to back home. Check out the giant drop, Vortex, Boomerang and the unpredictably good Danceshake –you won’t be disappointed.

Ridiculously racist Africa jungle section – here we see the African burning the European!

I had an awesome day out here and would definitely recommend it to anyone with a day free in Bangkok. Food and drinks aren’t extortionately priced like at home, people are running around with huge smiles and the sun is almost always shining. And besides, theme parks are for adrenaline junkies right?! Well, you’re not likely to a much better adrenaline hit than from a rollercoaster which may actually cause your death!* Happy travels!

*Only joking 😛 They may look a little worse for wear but these rides are safe as houses, strap yourself in and enjoy!

Thailand is also know for its Medial Tourism, like inexpensive liposuction so check that you when you’re here!



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0 thoughts on “Siam Park City – Bangkok’s Best Theme Park

  1. Ok, the rides look pretty good….but we’re going for the racist Displays, are there more of those salted around the park?

  2. Hi Johnny,
    My friends and I will be having our vacation on Bangkok this upcoming december.
    I’m not pretty sure about the weather itself, but I guess it won’t be a problem if we’re planning to go to this theme park?
    and may I know, either Dream World or Siam Park, which one is the best?
    The four of us are a young adult.
    So we would love to experience the most exciting terrifying rides.
    Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

  3. saya dari daerah pratunam, termasuk bangkok city, apa benar naik taxy dr bangkok citu 150 baht?? pakai taxy argo ya??

  4. i been last year in the rainy season hardly any rain in koh samui this march dry season rained flat out 9 days one big massive swimming pool it pot luck buddy since though until may 26th been boiling hot everyday dont listen to what people say come enjoy heaven for the living

  5. Johnny, I was just reading about this theme park on Asia Webdirect. I think I might have to go here.

    Question, will I have any sunny days in Thailand in June? People are saying that I’m wasting time and money going there when it’s wet season. What do you think?

    1. rainy season isn’t so bad mate, an hour or two a day is normal but (generally) the sun will be shining for the majority of the time so u should be ok, of course no guarantees tho :S

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