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For many people part of the reason that they decide to go on a trip is to reconnect with their spirituality. Life can have a habit of getting in the way of our true philosophies and beliefs and by going on a journey, finding your spirituality is sometimes easier to achieve than if you were in your normal daily routine.

Where you go depends of course on the time you have available, and the budget that you have to spend. But if part of the reason for your trip is to re-establish that link with your spirituality, then it’s a wise idea to include a renowned spiritual destination on your itinerary.

Here we round up just a few suggestions of great places to recharge your spiritual batteries.

Ganges River

Almost 20 million people visit the Ganges River every year. “Mother Ganges” runs from its source in the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal – travelling a distance of 1, 560 miles. The Ganges represents purity and life to those visitors and those who live near its shores and the river is treated as a goddess. To the many people living around it, and those who believe in its majesty, this river represents life, purity, and a goddess. Ganga is a goddess who is said to have poured herself from heaven onto the ashes of the sons of King Sarga. Through this self-sacrificial gesture, she allowed the King’s sons to enter heaven. Today, people believe their sins can be cleansed by touching the waters of the Ganges.

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by  Aleksandr Zykov

Easter Island

Far from anywhere in the middle of the Pacific, this distant island is home to the moai statues. We know nothing about how they were constructed and the civilisation that put them there, but the moai have been found across the island. The islanders treat them as relics to their ancestors and forbid anyone from touching them. One theory suggests that Easter Island is on a grid of sacred sites around the world and this is the reason that anyone ever settled there in the first place.


The Vatican in Rome, Italy, is visited by upwards of four million people a year. That’s why it makes this list of Top 10: Spiritual places. People in the Catholic faith believe The Vatican is a holy place and St Peter’s Square is circled by monuments to various saints and papal authority houses. Just this month, over a million people gathered in St Peter’s Square to witness the beatification (making into saints) of two previous Popes – Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II.

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by  Vvillamon

Power Vortexes, Arizona

According to new age philosophy, meditating in a power vortex will allow you to access physical healing and spiritual enlightenment. Power vortexes are locations charged with concentrated mystical force and the four power vortexes in Sedona – Airport Mesa and Bell Rock (masculine energy), Cathedral Rock (feminine energy) and Boynton Canyon (male and female energy) – draw many visitors year round.


Mecca in Saudi Arabia is a place of pilgrimage for around 13 million Muslims every year. Hajj takes place in the final month of the Islamic calendar and around two million visit Mecca at this time. This had been an Islam tradition for centuries and the pilgrimage involves a series of rituals, walking around the kaabah, praying and travelling between two hills, Safa and Marwah, where Hagar ran to find water for her son, Ishamael.

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by  Al Jazeera English


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