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It’s not uncommon for high school students to study overseas. In fact, the majority of college applications now ask whether the applicant completed study abroad. Here’s why you should save and plan for a high school study abroad program:

  • Studying abroad in high school will help you get into college!

There are many great high school study abroad programs, some of which are considered to be college prep and let you earn high school and college credit. If you’d like to earn such credit, make sure that the high school study abroad program is accredited and look into the institution through which you would receive college credit to make sure those credits will be accepted by the college or university which you will end up attending. If unsure about the credentials of this institution, consult with your guidance counselor.

  • Make lasting friendships.

Any program that involves creating a new experience for a group of people, who haven’t met beforehand, is bound to create a tight-knit group of individuals, who bond over new and fun experiences as well as challenges they encounter and help each through every step of the way. The fellow students you will meet on a high school study abroad program, be it the locals or peers who attend the same program, are likely to become lifelong friends you will keep in touch with in years to come.

  1. You’ll get a taste of what life after high school will be like.

Wondering what it’s like to live on your own and make independent decisions about saving or spending money, time management, social activities and more? Some high school study abroad programs have you live on a college-like campus while others place you with a host family. Do some research and interview students who did the programs you are considering before making a decision which model suits you better.  

  • Challenge yourself!

As you settle into your home away from home, you will challenge yourself in many ways. Because you are always on the go trying to absorb as much knowledge and culture as possible, as well as explore the new land and make the experience memorable through spending time with your new friends, one of your biggest challenges will be to stay healthy and not be overwhelmed by it all. Speak to program alumni for advice on how to take advantage of all the opportunities given to you while making time for yourself as needed.

  1.   Find your passion and become the person you are destined to be.

Studying abroad, you will get exposed to many new things. Keep an open mind and see what you makes you feel great and what you may want to explore further, from urban agriculture to helping the disabled. Allow yourself to change, to be shaped by your experiences and to learn many useful skills you are likely to be using for the rest of your live. One study abroad Israel high school program surveyed its alumni spanning decades of attendance, who reported the program to be one of the top influential experiences in their lives.  

  1.  Shape your future career.

One of the most stressful questions in the life of a young adult is, “What will I do when I graduate college and what should I major in?” On a high school study abroad program, you will likely get to meet many people of different professions. Ask them what it’s like to do what they do.  

  1.   Learn a new language.

This one is a no-brainer. Get out of your comfort zone and use the local language (hopefully, it won’t be English or another language of which you have a full command). It’s another challenge to add to your study abroad list; it’s fun; and it can help you advance in your future career.

  1.   Learn a new culture.

Being well-versed in other cultures makes you a worldly person. It helps you understand people around you better, create more meaningful relationships and experiences and become a more compassionate person. The more cultures you get exposed to, the better you will become at “reading” others as well.

  1.   Explore another land.

This one is simply fun. Travel is an amazing experience. It also teaches you to be an explorer, a skill that you carry over to other domains of your life. You become a self-sufficient problem-solver and you are trained to select experiences that pique your curiosity.

  1.   Have the most fun of your life.

It’s hard to believe it when you are in high school, but life is short! Take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad before you go to college. Soon you will be faced with a set of different responsibilities, worries and life decisions. Enjoy high school to the fullest by studying abroad!


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