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Once you’ve shut that door at home and you’re sat on the plane there’s no turning back! Well, there is if you want to pay for a flight back home as soon as land. You can always forget your clothes, a pair of flip flops, your favourite perfume or your sunglasses – all of those you can easily pick up pretty much anywhere in the world.

There are however somethings that you certainly can not do with out, some of those things you need just to be allowed to get on your flight. So make sure you’ve got yourself sorted before you even get round to planning what clothes you’re going to be taking away with you.

The Visa

Absolutely essential! You need to check if a visa is required before you travel, so give the embassy a call and get all the information you need. Even if you’re 90 percent certain you don’t need a visa, there is absolutely no harm in checking. If you do need a visa then get on with the application process as soon as possible. You will need a lot of supporting documents for most visa applications, so make sure that you have everything needed before heading to the embassy. I know what when I have applied for visas in the past I was unable to provide all of the documents because I didn’t have them; flight bookings and hotel reservations etc. So the best thing to do in that situation is use a service such as visa reservation, guys like this will be able to provide you with everything needed.

The Vaccinations

Always book an appointment with your local health service to check which vaccinations, if any, are needed. In some countries, especially when I travelled through West Africa, you will have to have a yellow book proving that you have had certain vaccinations before you are allowed to enter in to the country.


Have a quick search online or chat to your agent about what currency is mainly accepted in your destination and if ATMs are widely available. I recommend that you always travel with a few hundred US dollars in small denominations, because they are accepted in nearly every country in the world. This is more important when you are really going to remote areas, on numerous occasions my small supply of dollars has helped me get from A to B.


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