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Time for A Break: Travel Destinations Reopening Tourist

Thanks to decreasing numbers of new coronavirus cases in certain countries, many places around the world are starting to open up to international tourism once again.

In fact, many countries around the world depend on tourism as a large percentage of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and are therefore encouraging visitors to help boost their local industries, subject to certain health and safety regulations and protocols.

There are many countries and places that are opening up this month, so we’ll focus on a handful in this article to help you learn more.

Time for A Break: Travel Destinations Reopening Tourist

Since some sports events are starting to open up, many people can now start to look forward to a holiday outside of their own country too. Below we’ve grouped all of the travel destinations with plans to reopen, or who are already open, according to their location.

1. Asia

A popular tourism destination for many around the world, some Asian countries are making plans to reopen for international tourists. These include countries like Vietnam, which has been praised for the way in which the nation responded to the global health crisis.

So far, only local tourists have been travelling around Vietnam, but recent news suggests that Vietnam will start issuing e-visas to certain countries during July.

Other Asian countries that are considering reopening their borders include Bali, which is hoping to welcome tourists back from October, provided that infection rates stay low. In addition to this, given the country’s popularity with Australian tourists, there has been a call to open up a “tourism bubble” between the two countries.

The Maldives, where some honeymoon couples were left stranded at the start of the global pandemic, is also now making plans to welcome visitors again from the middle of July.

2. Caribbean

Since the Caribbean islands are largely dependent on tourism, many islands are now starting to open up to foreign visitors, once again subject to certain protocols. These can include having to produce a negative COVID-19 test on arrival or taking a test on arrival, having to go through routine screenings, and maintaining social distancing.

Islands in the Caribbean that are starting to open up include Aruba, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. On all of these islands, travel insurance is also required so that the cost of having to undergo quarantine, if necessary, does not fall on the island itself.

There have also been talks around reopening the Dominican Republic to tourism, but no further details have been made public just yet.

3. Europe

Many countries in the EU have been hard hit by the coronavirus in certain areas, which originally led to many of the borders being closed between countries.

However, many European countries are now starting to open their borders to certain visitors, not including areas where the rate of infection is still high. These include Iceland, Spain, Portugal and Georgia, the latter which is another country that has been praised for the way in which they have handled the global health crisis.

Other countries like Malta, who have also recorded low infection rates, are also planning to reopen to visitors from certain countries (subject to certain health and safety regulations and protocols).

In fact, some European countries, like Cyprus, are so keen to attract visitors that they are offering to cover the costs for any tourist who tests positive for the coronavirus during their visit and who need to stay in quarantine.

4. US and French Polynesia

French Polynesia, including islands like Tahiti and Bora Bora, have also started to open their doors to international visitors, but only to flights from Europe and the US for now.

This is largely due to the low rate of infections in this area, which hadn’t recorded a single new case since the beginning of May.

Puerto Rico, which is a US territory, has also released a four-phased approach to reopening the country, which includes welcoming visitors back in July.

5. British Overseas Territories

Many islands in the Atlantic fall under British rule, some of which are planning to reopen. These islands are also heavily dependent on tourism, and therefore places like Turks and Caicos and Bermuda are rolling out plans to reopen to commercial travel.

The Bahamas, which is a former British colony, and now part of the Commonwealth, has also put together a detailed guideline and best practices as to how to manage their tourism reopening.

6. Africa

To help boost tourism to the country, Egypt is planning on opening up certain seaside and diving resorts along its coastline. While domestic travel is already on the go, international flights will soon resume in the country, but only to southern Sinai, the Red Sea province, and Marsa Matrouh.

7. Middle East

As a hub of expat activity, and a centre of trade and travel in the Middle East, Dubai is also reopening to tourists in July. However, entry will require a thermal screening and complying with certain health and safety protocols, which includes testing, having health insurance and registering for a local contact tracing app on arrival.

As we can see from the information covered above, many parts of the world are slowly starting to reopen to the rest of the world, which is an encouraging sign.

While there are still certain restrictions in place, the fact that many of these countries and nations are trialling out ways to manage tourism safely in a time of crisis provides some hope that global tourism could eventually recover in the months ahead.

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