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When it comes to tourism in the Middle East, Kuwait is one country that offers the best of Arabian adventure. There are actually a number of exciting things that tourists can do in Kuwait. The good thing with Kuwait is that it is very accessible. All you need to do is ensure that your Kuwait visa is updated and be ready for a wonderful Kuwait experience. Besides the best accommodation services and the delicious meals, here are some of the top places that tourists can visiting in this charming Middle East country.

Failaka Island

This amazing island only has solders as its main inhabitants. This is because the place was left shattered after the gulf war. But visitors still have an opportunity to view the remaining ruins and the many treasures left behind by the Hellenistic Greeks. The Greeks inhabited in the island for more than two centuries. The island also harbors Kuwait main archeological site and is a place that you can never afford to miss while visiting Kuwait.

Kuwait national museum

The museum consists of a planetarium and two main buildings. Although it was once burnt down by the Iraqis, the museum is still rich in Islamic art. It also consist of a number of archeological materials and artefacts.

The Seif Palace

The palace is home for the royal family and is very popular among tourists. The irony of the matter is that the place is rarely used by the royals, or even the government. As much as it was constructed for the royal family, they actually decided to live in Bayan palace instead. Currently, the isolated palace is only used when there are special events and festivals. It also attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Kuwait musical fountain

This is also among the most famous and popular places for Kuwait visitors. Since it is situated within the city, it is very much accessible by the public.  When the Iraqis were still living in Kuwait, the fountain was badly damaged. Repairs were later one and it is currently as attractive as how it initially was. The best thing about this fountain is that children can play a number of games and it also includes a big exhilarating restaurant. Kuwait musical fountain Got damaged badly during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. It was later repaired and its beauty restored. It is located in the green belt area of the country there are also water fountain dances with a change of colorful lights making the place very attractive to tourists

The Green Island

The island is also a major tourist attraction considering that it was the first artificial island to be constructed. It cover a wide area with an access path that connects to the mainland. There are a wide range of entertainment amenities which you can enjoy and experience the best of what Kuwait has to offer. The island also consists of an artificial lake that generates water form the gulf. The lake will give you an opportunity to swim in the deep blue waters.  It also consist of an amphitheater, a tower, kid castle and restaurants.



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