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I like to travel a lot, when I first decided to travel I wasn’t too fussed about how I looked and would often just wing it with a few basic items; a change of clothes, my passport and the cheapest plane ticket to my destination – which for many people is the true essence of traveling. Although this was fun and I had such a great time, I found that as I got older my travel needs changed. No longer did I want the same t-shirt that I would wear for days on end without washing or fumbling around in my backpack looking for my passport. I wanted to travel in style!

Although high-end travel is basically the same as what some would call roughing it, the only difference is certain little luxury items and accessories that make your travels a little easier whilst comfortable on the road.

More often than not buying accessories to go traveling with are of low spec, hastily bought at the airport, which was of a case of I didn’t think I would need one of them. A perfect example of this was, when I first started to travel I decided to visit Asia and in my naivety didn’t think about that maybe they had different plug sockets over there. I bought the first cheap adapter I could find which was at the train station, only to find that when I got to Asia it didn’t work, lesson learned!

Unfortunately it took a few more trips abroad, and a few more lessons learned, before I realised that it would be much easier to do a little research about the places I was visiting. Then tailor my travel accessories accordingly, by this I mean not just gadgets like travel adapter plugs, but also clothes, luggage and other essential items.

Then one day whilst searching for my next adventure on the internet, I stumbled across Urbane traveller, an online shop that specialise in high quality travel accessories. Now my traveling has never been better just by purchasing simple but luxury goods. Things like airplane pillows so my neck doesn’t hurt after a long haul flight, or a passport wallet where I can keep all my documents in one place without fumbling around my bag looking for airplane tickets, these have all made a huge difference in the way I travel, now I travel in style.


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