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Vacations and travels are often exuberating experiences. Memories created, and new worlds explored. More often than not you’ll end up with a myriad of travel pictures when you get back from such trips. Rather than archiving these photos into your hard drive, you could designedly choose to immortalize them by doing something creative. There are innumerable ways to document your travels and enliven your travel photos.

Scrapbook: Traditional

Before digital photography, scrapbooking (using a glue stick, shears and hand-held book ) was the norm. Our parents loved it, and it functioned as a lovely pastime after a splendid vacation.

There are many online platforms where you can buy supplies, learn scrapbooking tips, and connect with fellow scrapbookers. A superb scrapbook can be accentuated by various memorabilia such as train tickets, ticket stubs, brochures, postcards. The travel photos should be edited and look to include those pics where you appear particularly dashing.

Scrapbook: Virtual

With the advent of digital photography came with it infinite ways to play around with your photos. A virtual scrapbook is a dandy way to document your travel photos. Virtual scrapbooks are created online on sites like, Here you drag and drop photos into a template, add text and voilà! Digital scrapbook. You can then share them online with friends and family.

Put together a slideshow

Creating a slideshow is a magnificent way to transform your pictures into edited stories. Sites like lets you add videos, pics, and music to their platform and develop resplendent movies. You can burn the movies into DVD to give out as a gift, or you could share them online with your friends.

Print and frame

Another brilliant way to animate your vacation photos is to print and frame them. A daintily framed pic will always bring back a treasured moment with just a single glance. You can enlarge the photos and have them edited to create beautiful pieces of art for your wall at home or even at work. Online services such as TheCanvasFactory, will print your photos onto canvas bound on a wooden frame, ready to hang and display on your walls at home.

Share them online

Sharing your pics online is a nice way to enthusiastically and interactively involve your friends on your tours and travels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+ are just but a few of the great online platforms where you can share your photos. They also allow people to comment on your photos and to share them with their friends as well.

Backing up your photographs is a prudent way to prevent loss in case your computer hard drive or memory card crashes. Cloud storage provides an excellent medium for backing up photos online. You could use Google Drive, Flickr, Dropbox, ICloud as cloud storage.

Use as screensaver

Smartphones, PCs and tablet wallpapers provide a ready backdrop to pin your travel pics. You’ll get to relive the precious memories whenever you use these gadgets.

Vacation memory jar

The vacation memory jar is an easy, fun, and creative project that you could pursue with your kids or friends. Take a glass jar, put colorful and exciting items gathered from the trip like rocks and shells, toss in a few pics from the voyage, and you have a vacation memory jar.

Discarding your travel photos into the depths of your computer hard drive is easy and boring. Challenge the creativity in you by deliberately editing and creating fairytale stories with your photographs. You’ll be glad you did it.


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