Most people have the Galapagos Islands at the very top of their adventurous travel bucket lists. From the white sand beaches and clear turquoise water to the wildlife and the vast array of distinct animals, the Galapagos Islands are an incredible location to experience.

Seeing everything within the islands will take you several days, but most visitors do not spare beyond a week to grace the highlights. The Galapagos Islands pride themselves in a captivating sophisticated terrain and an ecological wonderland. There are 13 main islands, each having its own collection of uniquely developed animals.

Which Galapagos Islands Are Best

Which Galapagos Islands Are Best to visit?

So, if you’d like to consider traveling to Galapagos anytime soon, we can help you make a quick and easy decision on the best islands to head to, to make the most out of your trip.

Travel Tips For Flying To The Galapagos Islands

You’d need to know some essential tips about traveling to the Galapagos Islands. For instance, you’ll be required to complete some paperwork during the check-in process before being given access to the islands.

You will be required to bypass some security checkpoints because some items are not permitted on the islands.

At the Galapagos airport, you will need to do some extra paperwork with payments that include $100 for your entrance fee and $20 for a tourist card.

Usually, the $100 covers conservation, habitat protection, research, breeding of endangered species, and a lot more that helps maintain the islands’ beautiful features.

You will need sufficient funds to have a complete experience on the islands. An estimated $774 is required for an individual for a week and $1,548 for two individuals.

If you want a more organized vacation style, you can try a Galapagos yacht charter that features exclusive, flexible experiences geared towards visitors’ interests. You can think of scuba diving, gourmet meals, snorkeling with sea lions, longer hikes, kayaking, glass-bottom boat tours, and virtually any experience you and your group want.

Galapagos Islands Best to Visit?

When visiting any of the Galapagos islands, prioritize any of these islands for an optimal travel experience.

1. Isabela

Isabela is Galapagos’ most significant island as regards landmass. It features decent facilities, restaurants with a relaxed coastal vibe, and a long stretch of beach situated right off the main town.

Isabela isn’t highly populated like some other islands. It has just about two thousand people. For history lovers, you find the Wall of Tears built by prisoners in the mid-century while it was a penal colony.

Isabela’s seahorse shape incorporates six large volcanoes in one single land area. This island also houses the Sierra Negra, a very active volcano just about four years back (2018 specifically).

Look out for the flamingo-feeding lagoon and Giant Tortoise Breeding Center for animals. The Galapagos Penguins, Galapagos Tortoises, Marine iguanas, land Iguanas, Flightless Cormorants, Sally lightfoot crabs, and pelicans.

Which Galapagos Islands Are Best

Which Galapagos Islands Are Best to visit?

2. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the second-largest when it comes to size. However, considering activity and population, it is the lead area of the archipelago.

Its vast population has also played a vital role in the bubbly characteristics of the island. There are many supermarkets, shopping centers, ATM spots, and more in Puerto Ayora—the town’s central place.

This island also features a gigantic lava tunnel stretching over two thousand meters which you can visit. In addition, it has beautiful natural scenery like Las Grietas, a natural swimming hole at the rock formations, and Tortuga Bay. You’ll also like to visit the Black Turtle Cove to view sea life and Bachas Beach for swimming and snorkeling.

3. San Cristóbal

Puerto Baquerizo is San Cristobal’s foremost place. It has a university, government offices, and even an airport. It also has the second-largest Galapagos island population with numerous markets, ATM shops, and restaurants.

In San Cristóbal, you’ll find the only source of Galapagos permanent freshwater, located in El Junco.

You’ll also find beach areas and coves like Punta Pitt, Ochoa Beach, Isla Lobos, and Sapho Bay. You can also enjoy great sightings like the freshwater lagoon for flamingo spotting, sea lions along the Cerro Brujo coast, and consider the highlands for the tortoise breeding spot.

4. Baltra

Baltra, alternatively known as South Seymour, is a flat island that hosts the only airport that served Galapagos until the mid-80s.

When visitors arrive in Baltra, they usually have to move around by bus to one of two ducks. One is a ferry dock across the Itabaca Channel from Baltra to Santa Cruz Islands Puerto Ayora. Another is a small bay with the Galapagos boats where passengers are transported around the Islands.

Get Ready to Visit Galapagos!

Galapagos Islands are great places to keep and make beautiful memories. And the best time to visit depends on the kind of experience you’ll love to have.

Best of all, there is no best time for your travels,  as the Equator situated island group is suitable for an all-year-round trip. The most popular times people visit, which is also the most expensive, is during the festive season from mid-December to mid-January. And also from June to August.

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