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Throughout the world there are some destinations and cities which come alive with the sight and smells of flowers for a short period of time each year. When these blooms take place, they radically alter the aesthetics of the city or region and add an altogether new look to an already beautiful spot. If you want to see these flower blooms in all of their glory then here are some of the top places around the world where you can expect to see an urban area transformed by the blooming of all types of flora.

Mexico City

Legend has it that industrial Japanese gardener Tatsugoro Matsumoto was invited to Mexico to work on some urban garden installations and that he introduced the Jacaranda tree to the city. True or not what is for certain is that every year between the middle of March and the beginning of May, the city is abundant with the most amazing purple blooms on the trees throughout the city. Almost every street in the city is lined with trees and the large majority of them are Jacarandas who for 10 months of the year look like any other, and then for the remaining 2 these amazing bluish and purple flowers sprout and add rich color to the city.


Cherry blossom season in Japan is a truly special event which draws crowds from all over the country and from afar, who come to witness these beautiful trees bloom into life. The cherry blossom is a national symbol here in Japan and their bloom represents energy and the abundance of life. The blossoms begin to show their colors in mid-January and they will begin to fade come early May. These blossoms are light pink in color and turn bare-looking trees into natural works of art.


Amsterdam is known for many things but one of the most popular, at least for the clean living tourist, is the tulips which are produced here. There are 2 ways to see these amazing blooming bulbs, the first is to head outside of the city to Haarlem and the surrounding area, where you will see literally thousands of acres of brightly colored tulips adorning the fields, purposely grown for sale. Alternatively you could head to the Keukenhof Gardens in nearby Lisse, here you will see millions of multi-colored tulips in full bloom, collected in floral displays and spectacular exhibitions.


Japan doesn’t only offer you the chance to see their incredible cherry blossoms but also the lesser-known wisteria, a soft, purple, hanging flower which blooms from August to October on the island of Kyushu. Because of the way that these trees grow they form tunnels of hanging flowers which arch over roads and railway tracks. If you want an experience which not many will know about then head t the town of Fukuoka where you will find the famous Wisteria Tunnel.

Next time you go traveling, why not look to add some color to the whole affair?


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