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Why choosing European Roulette is the best for you

The word of online gambling is amazing and now with development in technology, we are seeing great improvement in this digital industry. There was a time when people used to have a myth in their mind that traditional casinos are more reliable than online casinos and we cannot blame them as this is human psychology that every new change seems doubtful at its introduction to the people. Now online casino sites have become secure than ever before and they are offering instant payments and deposit methods with various methods. Some prominent online casino platforms also accept cryptocurrency as their payment method which ensures safe, secure, and anonymous transactions. 

But along with all these offerings, there is another benefit of online casino and that is a huge number of games provided by these online platforms. As technology changes, traditional casinos have to upgrade or replace the old machines with the new games as they have limited space for them. For example, new video games replaced slots machines. But some games like baccarat, table games, roulette, and many others are not going anywhere because these games are available on all the platforms, whether it is digital or land-based. And among all these games choosing the best roulette is always a tricky task so we are going to tell you which roulette is the best for you.

There are three main variants of rule out that you will come across online. French, American, and European are the three that are available at almost all top casinos. And although they may not seem too different from one another, the price will tell you that the European roulette is your best bet. European roulette is the obvious choice if you want to maximize your winning potential.

For starters, it is in English so, unlike the French version, you do not have to learn the meaning of any French words or rules, such as En Prison or La Partage and you will understand what is happening at all times. Secondly and most importantly, the European roulette wheel has a total of 37 numbered pockets, whilst American roulette has 38. The American wheel has an extra zero pocket which is also why you may hear the game sometimes referred to as “double zero roulette.” This extra pocket on the wheel pushes up the American games house edge to almost double that of its European counterpart.

European Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, whilst American roulette’s edge sits at five point two six percent, making it that much harder to win. The odds of winning on all bets, whether on red/black, odd/even or on a straight bet are all increased when playing European roulette. So, if winning is your aim, this should be your game. This may sound a little complicated but it is hugely enjoyable and with the best chances to win big, it is easy to see why European roulette is the favorite variant of players across the globe.



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